Who will win Joshua vs Helenius, Navarrete vs Valdez and more Predictions and Previews

We’ve got a great main event on ESPN this weekend as Emanuel Navarrete faces Oscar Valdez for Navarrete’s WBO 130 lb title, and we also have some big events on DAZN like Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius in London.

So who will win the Main Event? Plus a few more fights?

(If you’re wondering why we didn’t do SHO qualifying fights, it’s because those two aren’t all that interesting and there’s too little helpful footage about Melvin Lopez.)

Emmanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez

Scott Christ (68-29)

Really interesting punch because of Liam’s fight Wilson shows us that a Navaret may have more issues at 130 than he does at 122 or 126, which is normal and natural. The fighters are getting bigger and bigger, and frankly, there are more and more tapes (or MP4s) on Navarrete every time he fights. And he’s been a regular fighter on TV for years. His awkward style can be spied on more and more every time he fights.

Valdez was good, but I haven’t felt bad for his performance in a long time. When he hit Miguel Berchelt, that was accompanied by Berchelt’s bucking in the barrel for added weight and it looked like nothing doubled in the ring. Oscar never looked good at 130 other than that one. And he’s had three fights since then. Shakur is one thing. But working hard to beat Robson Conceicao and Adam Lopez is another story.

I think Valdez can win. Just saying there are more questions than both sides of confidence for me to come here. I’m going with Navarrete. Valdez looks small shop at 32, and he fights as much against his natural instincts as he does. With anything since the fight with Quickg. I thought it would be a good match and TV but “Vaquero” got a W. He’s going to have a bit more time in the tank and a bit more to see the tough spots and win. Navarrete UD-12

Will Esco (76-21)

On paper I feel as though this is an Emanuel Navarette fight should have the tools to win due to his height and advantage. Sometimes, for Valdez, he’s a very talented fighter that I think has a lot of distance for him. Judging from the damage he had received in the past, I don’t think Valdez is a good fighter or anything. But those things add up over time. I’m going to lean towards a fighter that I think is slightly fresher now. Navarette UD-12

John Hansen (67-30)

Tough choice between two strong talents willing to act. And that is often a recipe for a great fight. Valdez is proven in weight over Navarrete. in which only the muzzle passes the only opponent there. But Valdez was relatively small at 130 pounds, so how important was his experience there?

I come back to Navarrete’s enthusiasm to mix it up. not a strategist And his physical advantage is only useful when he fights at a distance. How long do we think it will last? And when things inevitably move in What will happen? No disrespect to Liam Wilson, but if he can rock and nearly finish Navarrete, so can Valdez.

Regardless, Navarrete uses his physical advantage with a kind of endurance and rigor that he has never shown us before. Or Valdez will get the chance he needs to end the fight early. Give Valdez we’ve seen before over Navarrete we’ve never really had. Valdez TKO-9

Patrick Stumberg (73-23)

I would like to offer our loyal readers some insight into my thought process:

There is still a little Such was the fact that Navarrete spent the first half of Wilson’s fight stuck in the mud. But that’s where I am now. It really boils down to whether or not Navarrete can handle the check hook. He was cunning enough to hold back Valdez at the end of his punch. But the flash of death worries me.

I stumbled back and forth. But I’m going to be optimistic and lean towards Navarrete. He now has time to ring at 130. I expect it to be back to his normal output. Between his length and maneuverability and Valdez’s inability to hurt an opponent who clearly didn’t compromise. I like having him beat Valdez for a deciding match victory. Navarrete UD-12

Anthony Joshua vs Robert Helenius

Scott Christ (68-29)

I’ll pick AJ to stop Dillian Whyte. I’ll pick him to stop Helenius. I expect Joshua to be more aggressive than what we saw in January. This is partly because AJ is proud and eats a lot of criticism. Whether trainer Derrick James says to follow his instructions or not. That won’t happen to the fans. common or even expert The shot is directed at the boxer. It’s not a trainer that most fans don’t know much about.

Helenius has never held a heavyweight bout and won’t be one this Saturday. He had a career revival when PBC made a deliberate mismanagement by having Adam Kownacki join him in respecting “Nordic Nightmare”, but he was unable to defeat Joshua. Joshua TKO-4

Will Esco (76-21)

Slow substitute opponents can be hell on the A-side at times. I don’t think that’s the case here. However, I just don’t believe Robert Helenius is on the same level as Anthony Joshua, and I’m not sure about his ability. He’s in a fast-paced, 39-year-old turnaround. But his body will definitely feel the impact when he goes back there with a big man capable of attacking much stronger than his last opponent.

I think Helenius will give it a try. But I don’t think it’s nearly good enough to beat Joshua, who is motivated to return to the top. Helenius would not be difficult to find. So I suspect this will end somewhere after halfway through. Joshua TKO-7

John Hansen (67-30)

Robert Helenius: Pay-Per-View Star and Now a Man Takes Two Paychecks in a Week He wins over Adam. Kownakkie really came to the fullest. And I commend him for this one. Time (and traveler Joe Cusamano) seemed to prove that Kownacki cooked more thoroughly than the Griswold family’s Christmas turkey, but Helenius continued to ride that wave toward another main event.

It took Deontay Wilder less than three minutes to deliver him. Let’s say Helenius is sharp and ready for this time. Since he just fought last Saturday And it is considered that he can do three times as much as meeting Joshua. Joshua KO-3

Patrick Stumberg (73-23)

i respect robert unconditional helenius He’s the next big guy. was blown to shreds. And then nailed it back into the tournament. I’m really glad he’s been paid back and forth with Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

That doesn’t mean I think he has a chance. He’s still slow, fragile, and attackable. A chin-checking Wilder could happen to any human being on the planet. Another Knockout Defeat His existence is unforgivable, even Joshua, who exists in the middle of a crisis, should be able to break the mold for him. And finally caught him at the finish line. I liked Joshua even though I knew he would sell out for a KO like he did in the first Andy Ruiz fight. AJ ended their knockout drought before three years. Joshua KO-4

Quick selection!

Derek Chisora ​​vs Gerald Washington

  • Scott: Chisora ​​TKO-6
  • Will: Chisora ​​TKO-8
  • John: Chisora ​​UD-10
  • Patrick: Chisora ​​TKO-3

Philip Ergovic vs Demsey McKean

  • Scott: Hergovik TKO-5
  • Will: Hergovik TKO-3
  • John: Hergovik TKO-6
  • Patrick: Hergovik TKO-9

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