Who is Tyson Fury’s wife? All About Paris Fury

Tyson Fury meets the Queen with his “Gypsy King” in wife Paris Fury.

The couple first met as teenagers at a wedding and just three years later they had their own partner and married in November 2008. From a professional boxing career to raising a family. Tyson said that Paris always by his side

“To get a woman who was with you all the time and through ——-,” he told The Overlap. “The good times and the bad times… [For her] to remain when you don’t want to be And when you’re forced out and you are pushed away That takes a very strong person.”

She not only supported her husband. She was also his guide. “The biggest advisor of my career is probably my wife,” Tyson says. “Because without her, I would have gone AWOL a long time ago. But I’ve always had a loving wife relationship. is the backbone.”

They welcomed six children together: Venezuelan Linda, Prince John James, Prince Tyson II, Prince Adonis Amaziah, Valencia Amber and Athy. Na In March 2023, the couple announced they were expecting their seventh child.

Fans will be able to see Paris and Tyson’s family in the reality series. At home with FurysStreaming on Netflix Aug. 16.

So who is Tyson Fury’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Paris Fury and her relationship with the heavyweight legend.

She met Tyson at the wedding.

Paris Fury’s Instagram

Paris and Tyson first met at a compatriot’s wedding in 2005, but less than a year later. The two reunite on her 16th birthday and start dating.

“I liked him at first sight. He was very different from the other boys,” she captioned the couple’s Instagram flashback when they were teenagers. “I didn’t immediately agree to go on a date. He asked me out many times before I said yes! It’s a big deal for him to be my first boyfriend.”

Paris also detailed what the beginning of their relationship was. “Our first date was to see King Kong at the cinema. And later I learned that he later told his parents that he was going to marry me,” she added.

She also shared that her favorite memories from when they first started dating included “ice skating and picnics” and that they were “always talking about the future together.”

She almost canceled her wedding to Tyson.

Paris Fury’s Instagram

before they walked down the aisle. Trouble arose between Paris and Tyson that nearly ended their relationship. in her memory Love and Fury: The Magic and Chaos of Life with TysonParis writes that “Their schedules crashed in the air” when her future husband failed to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Although brides plan winter weddings with November dates in mind. But Tyson wanted to postpone the wedding for a few more months due to the recently vacant schedule.

“Obviously my fiancé doesn’t understand the amount of planning and organizing a wedding ceremony,” she continued in her book. the sun“I began to realize that he was incredibly impulsive. Someone who lives in the present and makes easy decisions.”

She explains, “In the world of Tyson, Our big day can be adjusted according to your intentions. Like his boxing but i don’t have any and refused to change the date.”

Their heads collide, causing Paris to cancel the wedding. “After quarreling with him outside Mom’s house I decided to ask for time to marry and our relationship,” she wrote. “He thought I was joking. And when I dropped a big bomb He knew that I was serious to death.”

After a few weeks apart, they reconciled. Paris has commissioned her mother, Linda, to cancel plans and venue for the wedding. But she predicted the couple would “fix it” and never did when the date was still set. They Said “I Can” on November 21, 2008 in Doncaster, England.

She is a mother of six.

Paris Fury’s Instagram

Paris and Tyson are the parents of six children. The couple welcomed their first child. Venezuelan daughter Linda in September 2009; son Prince John James born in April 2012.

Prince Tyson II was named after his father. arrived in July 2016 and goes by the middle name Tutty Valencia Amber was born in December 2017 and the couple welcomed their third child, Prince Adonis Amaziah, in February 2019.

Tyson previously described his decision to name his three sons Prince. “I’m the King and they were the Princes until they got the right names,” he said in the 2020 documentary television series.

During an interview in February 2021, Tyson confirmed that Paris was pregnant with their sixth child.

“Paris is pregnant again. God bless us for sure, another baby and I am so thankful,” he said. “I have a beautiful wife, lovely children, we are all healthy. That’s the most important thing. the health of you and your family Nothing else matters.”

Athena was born in August 2021 and she was placed in a neonatal intensive care unit. Tyson updated fans about his wife and young daughter on his Instagram Story.

“Thank you so much for all the messages and support dear. [in] Stable status & doing well,” he wrote, “Hopefully she is out of the ICU today. Please keep baby Athena in your prayers. Well done Paris God bless you.” He later gave another update that Athena was doing a “miracle” and was “turning off her ventilator.”

In March 2023, Tyson announced that Paris was pregnant with their seventh child. He shared a selfie of the two on a movie date on his Instagram Story, captioning the photo: “Everything will not be lost! I had a date night with my beautiful pregnant wife @ParisFury1. Great God!”

He concluded: “What woman 👩 Day 7 👶 has arrived 🙏. Good news. Cheer up! 😊”

Tyson retired because of the promise he made.

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Tyson lays down for Paris Announced his intention to retire in April 2022, the news came after he retained his heavyweight title with a knockout win over Dillian White at Wembley Stadium in London.

“I promised my lovely wife Paris for 14 years that after that [Deontay] Wilder III’s battle would be that. And I mean it.” he told BT Sport. after the match

According to the champion He felt the need to defend his title at Wembley after his fight at Wilder. But his time was almost over. “I have to keep my word. And I think this might be the curtain of the Gypsy King. And a way to go out!” he added.

Paris also told the media that she She “wants him out” from the game “now” and believes her husband. “There’s nothing else to prove,” CNN reported.

“If he had something to do, I’d say, ‘Yes, Tyson, you can do it,’” she said. And if he’s doing it for money or fame, then it’s not necessary. He was the most famous man in the world tonight.”

Paris continued: “For Tyson to continue boxing. There seems to be only one reason. And I know in my heart I think the only reason for Tyson to come back is to fight for unity.”

she is a writer

Paris Fury’s Instagram

first book of paris Love and Fury: The Magic and Chaos of Life with TysonReleased in October 2021, the memoir delves into everything from her upbringing to starting a family with Tyson. It also delves into the hard times they went through together.

In May 2023, she announced the release of her second book. What will she do?book class on september 28

“It’s about how I lived a crazy, tumultuous life with six kids. about to be seven years old Tyson World Tour Me and him jog around the world and just do the cooking, cleaning, and everything else mom does each day,” Paris shared on Instagram Reel.

Her family has a reality show.

Paris Fury’s Instagram

At home with Furys First announced at the Edinburgh TV Festival in August 2022 as a multi-episode series on Netflix, it follows their family focusing on Tyson’s father Tyson’s retirement. San, former professional boxer John Fury, brother Tommy Fury and his fiancée Molly-Mae Heg also star.

Paris told what it was like to shoot the project.

“I remember the beginning. by thinking that he must be perfect all the time I remember thinking like I don’t want to pretend but I want to look good,” she said.

Paris continued: “I like to wake up in the morning and do my makeup. Then I’ll keep the place tidy. And that went out the window like the first week.”

Still, she believes fans will enjoy the show because it’s so authentic. “I think people are interested in these performances because they are real. if it’s true You would have watched it,” added Paris.

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