When will Rafael Nadal return? This is what we know

Rafael Nadal leaves the field

Rafael Nadal will miss the US Open and there are doubts as to whether the 22-time Grand Slam legend will return to the field.

Nadal underwent surgery in June to look for a problem in his hip.

The Spaniard legend is only expected to be out for six to eight weeks due to an injury he suffered at the Australian Open in January. But his recovery was slower than expected.

Nadal, now 37, has confirmed he hopes to return to action in his final year on tour in 2024, but will that goal come true?

What Nadal Says

Nadal spoke at a press conference as he outlined the final chapter of his career with detailed plans that will depend on his physical condition.

“My goal and ambition is to try to stop and give myself the opportunity to enjoy next year, probably the last year of my professional tour,” Nadal told reporters.

“That’s my opinion. But I can’t say 100 percent that it will be like this. But my thought and motivation is to try to have fun and say goodbye to all the competitions that matter to me.

“Enjoy competing with what is not possible today. I believe that if I continue now, I won’t be able to make it happen.

“After a few years In terms of the result, it was positive. Because I can win a few grand slams and major tournaments. The real situation is that I can’t enjoy writing a diary.

“Since after the epidemic My body was unable to practice or keep a diary in a good way. So I don’t enjoy training and competing. Because too many problems Having to take breaks too often because of physical conditions and too much Didn’t practice on the day off due to the pain.

“I need to pause for a moment. My position is to stop. And I don’t know when I’ll be back at the training ground.

“I’ll stop for a while. maybe one month maybe two months or maybe three months I’m someone who doesn’t like to predict the future too much. I am following what I believe is the right thing for my body and my personal happiness.

“I don’t want to say one thing and do another. It’s better to leave the options open and see which calendar is the best.

“I want to play in things that are important to me. And of course the Olympics are important competitions and I look forward to playing them. Will it be my last? I cannot say.”

injury update

Nadal’s uncle and former coach Tony Nadal updated Rafa’s condition in an interview with ClayTenis.

“Rafael is 37 and it’s been a tough year,” he said. because I already talked to him is that Rafael wants to come back and want to recuperate fully if he fully recovered I think he will want to continue playing.

“We will see because he has to get the result. which will not be easy because when you lose rank everything will be more difficult Because you have to compete with the best faster.

“So you will have to play better for many more days. And you will have to play harder games more often.”

These comments do not provide further insight into how long Nadal will need to recover. But it’s clear we won’t be seeing him play again in 2023.

It was clear that he had not started his recovery yet. As there are no pictures of the Spaniard training brilliantly at his academy in Mallorca.

Nadal has been spending time with his wife and young child in recent weeks. And is expected to start hitting the ball again as he prepares for the Australian Open in January.


Will we ever see Nadal on the tennis court again?

Nadal expressed his desire to end his tennis career on his own terms. And that doesn’t mean letting injuries overwhelm him. But that wish may not become a reality.

This legendary champion controls every aspect of his incredible career. But right now, he’s in the middle of a story that he can’t control.

There is no doubt that he will try to make a comeback in the coming months. But there’s no guarantee that Nadal will reach the physical level required to compete at the highest level.

Former world number one Andy Murray appears content to continue playing tennis. Although he was no longer the greatest show nominee.

Nadal insists he will not follow that path in his final days as a professional athlete. So don’t expect him to show up in Australia next year. Unless he feels he can challenge the position.

Sadly, there’s a chance we’ll never see one of the all-time greats of professional tennis in the game again. But true great champions have a special power of resurgence. And you destroy the legend of Nadal’s talent at your peril.

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