What’s next for Jake Paul after he beats Nate Diaz?

  • Paul cruised to a unanimous victory over Nate Diaz last weekend.
  • He is now seeking his next challenge in the ring with so many options on the table.
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Just moments after knocking Nate Diaz out of the boxing ring, Jake Paul plots the next step of his unlikely journey as a professional fighter.

‘I want Nate in MMA,’ Paul said as he tosses his gloves against Diaz in the Octagon. ‘I want more professional boxers and I want [Saul] Canelo [Alvarez].’

The goal of boxer YouTuber-turned-Canelo, who is still considered by many to be one of the sport’s top 10-pound fighters, was as daring as it was far-fetched. And his apparent desire to cross over to Diaz’s world to compete in MMA is dangerous.

But for the former Disney Channel star who has made boxing headlines in less than three years. Who’s to say he’s not serious?

After successfully recovering from a defeat to Tommy. Fury in February Paul came back and showed off on stage again. and challenge the next challenge no matter how big or small

So who is the person most likely to face in the next fight? It considers the options in the table and the likelihood that they will occur.

Jake Paul returns to victory against UFC legend Nate Diaz in Dallas on Saturday night.
So who will Paul meet next? Consider the possible options in the table.

Nate Diaz (MMA)

After defeating a UFC legend under the Queensberry rules of boxing. Paul claims he is now willing to enter the Octagon and face Diaz in a $10 million MMA bout.

Although it produces a great sound. But there would be little reason for the 26-year-old to try his luck in a new combat sport that presents completely different threats and challenges.

After a successful return to boxing He’ll risk a horrendous defeat by stepping into the cage against Diaz, whose ground game is vastly superior after nearly two decades in the sport.

11 months ago, Tony Ferguson choked Tony. Ferguson at UFC 279 was 11 months ago, and Paul likely suffered the same fate sooner.

Because of this, he should avoid an MMA vs. Diaz clash at all costs. And deep down he should know better.

Chances of happening: 2/5

Paul claims he is ready to face Diaz in MMA, but doing so could end badly for him.

Tommy Fury

Although his career is now short-lived. But the blemish in Paul’s otherwise perfect résumé is his final defeat to Fury, a defeat he’s desperate to avenge.

However, before he could do so Fury had to appear unscathed in his match against YouTube celebrity KSI in October. The two Englishmen will clash at the Manchester Arena.

As for Tyson’s brother Fury, the world heavyweight champion A victory over another online star could give him yet another victory for hampering YouTube Boxing’s growth forever, so a match with Paul caught his attention.

Rematch with Tommy Fury will exact revenge on YouTuber-turned-fighter.
Fury inflicted the first defeat in Paul’s newfound professional boxing career in February.

There was still a lot of feud between the two. It means that the second encounter will be an easy sell again. and in Paul’s case Will he really be able to move on? At least try to deal with the worst. With his archenemy?

If Fury outperformed KSI as expected in October. This match will make sense for both parties.

Chances of happening: 4/5


Of course, there’s the possibility that KSI sparked an upset and finished with Paul failing to topple Fury.

The latter would undoubtedly call for an immediate bout if such miraculous results were to come out, but KSI’s victory in October was able to create one of the highest-grossing events in boxing’s modern history.

The CEO of Misfits Boxing, real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, has been at odds with Paul ever since he beat his brother Logan in a professional bout in 2019.

With a combined 44.5 million subscribers on YouTube, the meeting between KSI and Paul quite literally blew up the internet and yielded astonishing pay-per-view numbers.

Fury is set to face another YouTube star, KSI (pictured), at an exhibition this October.
If KSI sparks an upset The long-awaited duel with online rival Paul may actually happen.

Even if KSI couldn’t beat Fury, a fight between two beaten YouTubers still made sense.

Chances of happening: 2/5

Conor McGregor

Paul has long talked about his conflict with McGregor. and over the past several months The two were arguing back and forth on social media.

McGregor took aim at the American rider after Saturday night’s win over Diaz. describing the fight as ‘p*** and s*** in a ring’ after being unimpressed with the action.

But his brutal assessment was to get the water off the duck’s back for Paul. Just as in his post-fight press conference, he responded to the former two-division UFC champion, who is being charged with sexual assault, by telling him to go to rehab.

‘I don’t care about that guy,’ Paul said when asked about his confrontation with McGregor. ‘He needs to go to rehab’

Conor McGregor has exchanged a lot of insults with Paul over the past few months. But expect to face Michael Chandler next.

As he wraps up after his latest victory Paul knew fighting McGregor in the boxing ring would generate a lot of interest. With online kings fighting fighters still one of the biggest combat sports.

The only issue preventing Paul and McGregor from meeting next is an MMA encounter with Michael Chandler, expected in early 2024.

Although no official date has been given for that fight, McGregor’s head may turn to a more lucrative offer from the new kid in boxing.

Chances of happening: 2.5/5

Canelo Alvarez

An MMA fight with Diaz is a dangerous proposition. However, boxing against Canelo was both dangerous and impossible.

The Mexican also has an unfinished story as a serious professional athlete. Before a less competitive exhibition match with Paul even came into his mind.

Paul’s ambition to compete against Canelo Alvarez was equally daring and out of bounds.

First, he was set to defend his uncontested super middleweight title against Jemell. charlo in september which was a test he was expected to pass. Because the undisputed light-middleweight champion is jumping up two weight divisions.

And if he wins that match, Canelo will undoubtedly turn his attention to a rematch with light heavyweight grandmaster Dmitry Bivol. The only man who surpassed him in the last decade.

As a result, the chances of Canelo lashing out at Bivol to entertain a battle with social media figures are slim – if not impossible.

Probability: 0.5/5

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