What did Conor McGregor say about Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg MMA Fight? Become a UFC superstar in support of Clash of the Billionaires.

The fight business can be a crazy place even for the head of the UFC. Dana White, In MMA, some last-minute events can be enough to cancel out big-money events and fights. UFC fans have seen some cards, such as UFC 151, banned due to injuries and other unpredictable factors. It was quite understandable that the accident did not satisfy the boss at all. This might disappoint White even more, but the UFC icons listed. Conor McGregor Show loyalty to a 54-year-old man even in this situation.

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White initially successfully negotiated between Elon Musk and the coveted Mark Zuckerberg in a fight within the UFC octagon. But a recent reminder of the same may have shattered his desire. But a recent notice from Musk caused him to withdraw his support for a once-in-a-lifetime bout.

Elon Musk snubs Dana White and the UFC for Mark Zuckerberg’s MMA fight, causing Conor McGregor to react.


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White saw a big business opportunity after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg accepted Twitter boss Elon Musk’s plea for “Battle in a Cage”This was the main reason he wanted this coveted fight to be held within the UFC Octagon. Because he chose to feature UFC products in the newest “Zuckerberg vs Musk” lineup.

However, Twitter boss Musk recently took to the platform himself and made some important notices about the contest. The first line of his tweet reads, “The fight will be managed by my foundation and Zuck (not UFC).“Just this line from Musk was enough to shatter White’s desire to be associated with the coveted race.

Among other reactions from followers, this tweet from Musk also calls for a response from famous UFC icon Conor McGregor. It’s not wrong to say that, like the head of the UFC, he was also unhappy with Musk’s decision.

Conor McGregor Announces He’s Not Interested In Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg

It cannot be denied that the UFC played a huge role in making McGregor who he is today. But he also had symptoms.

In a recent interview with ‘DailyMail’, he revealed that I’m interested. Will they move on? Will they make it happen? If it happens under the UFC banner, I’m ready. It has to happen under the UFC banner.”


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But the Twitter chief’s recent announcement concerning organizing and streaming the tournament violated McGregor’s terms of sponsoring the tournament. Musk’s Special Speech “Not UFC” It should have been enough for ‘Mystic Mac’ to withdraw their support from the competition.

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In a tweet that has been deleted McGregor has reversed his stance regarding the race. It reads, “I couldn’t care less about this. I am very happy that the UFC will not be involved.” A handful of fans might appreciate McGregor’s loyal nature.


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Do you want to praise McGregor after such an expression? Or are you happy that billionaires finally chose to leave the UFC out of them? “Battle in a Cage” Management duties?

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