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Fantasy Premier League has many aspects, one of them is the concept of FPL Blank Gameweeks and Double Gameweeks. We are here to help you.

Fantasy Premier League may seem like a basic management simulator. But it goes much deeper than that. To score well and try to master the style of play. You need to check out the fixtures, injuries, potential price fluctuations and much more.

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The key to keeping in mind the seasons are Blank Gameweeks and Double Gameweeks. In FPL they have a huge impact on your team and can severely affect your potential to earn points.

DescriptionFPL Blank Gameweek

Simply put, a Blank Gameweek in FPL is when at least one of your players is guaranteed 0 points because they don’t have an official match for that Gameweek.

You’ll be able to determine which players are not available for an empty Gameweek quite easily if you check your teams. under the player’s name instead of showing competition will have a sign instead small lines or gaps.

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For example, if you select Erling Haaland in your team for an ongoing Gameweek and Manchester City does not have any scheduled games to play during that Gameweek, Haaland will score 0.

The reason for a team not playing a game can be caused by a number of variables: games are canceled or postponed. or a team’s scheduled competitor is not available for that competition due to other obligations, such as competing in the Club World Cup.

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now it is evident If you have a player on your bench who can fill that position. They will automatically do so. So at least you’ll have a chance to score. If they play, however, it’s entirely possible that if you have multiple players from the same two or three clubs and those teams don’t play. You may have four, five, six or more players targeted for Blank Gameweek.

if this happens You have some workarounds: use your wildcard, use your free hits, or give up some points by completing the required free transfers.

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FPL Double Gameweek Explained

On the other hand, Double Gameweek in FPL is when one or more of your selected players will play in two matches during an active Gameweek. And they had a couple of chances to score.

Again FPL players can check if the player is in line for DGW because if they look below the player name it will show. Two different shortened team names to represent the competition..

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Going back to Blank Gameweek reasons, teams may have to play two games in quick succession due to the aforementioned postponement or schedule conflict. This is a way for them to catch up on missed games by playing them for a short period of time.

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Many players scout ahead in the match schedule to see if there are any potential DGW situations and immediately use transfers or wildcards to get teams full or close enough to have double scoring potential.

We hope our guide helped you and the concept of Fantasy Premier League Blank and Double Gameweeks became easy for you to understand:

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