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• The Kansas City Chiefs The wide receiver competition has been made clear: Kansas City uses only four wild receivers with its starter, which is limited. Richie James and Justin Ross To play with the secondary team

• Clyde Edwards-Helaire May take into account: He was inactive in last year’s Super Bowl, but he was able to pursue a back-up job during the start.

Alvin Kamara start for New Orleans Saints: Kamara takes most of the shots with the start. And even if that’s not bad news But it might not be good news either.

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Kansas City Chiefs @ New Orleans Saints

Kansas City’s wide receiver is a little clearer: The Chiefs have seven wide receivers who could realistically see significant playing time this season. But only four played against the starter on Sunday.

  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Sky Moore and Justin Watson Start of the game and rookie second round Rashi Rice also saw the time for an appetizer
  • Cadarius Tony injured so didn’t play
  • Valdes-Scantling, Moore and Watson only played the first two drives. Rice continues to see contention with substitutes with the addition of free agents. Richie James and Justin Ross I started to see the time to play too.
  • Valdes-Scantling and Watson are both players with low goal share and average depth of goal. This makes them an unlikely choice as a great fantasy player.
  • Rotating the wide receiver is good news for Moore and Rice. Since neither of them wasted time playing for James or Ross.
  • None of the three starting wide receivers recorded a field goal. James caught 43 yards and a touchdown on the same drive as the second team. So, at the very least, it’s possible he mixes up more offensively.
  • This situation may develop over pre-season and regular season, but for now, Moore and Rice are both worth the final bet. in case they become the favorite targets of Patrick Mahomes.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Starting for Kansas City: Edwards-Helaire started instead. Gerick McKinnon. Isiah Pacheco Came out with hand and shoulder injuries.

  • in the latest season Kansas City used their primary back before the game. Secondary backs that go down quickly and back receiver In most of the last season Gerick McKinnon handle the latter two roles
  • Edwards-Helaire was the first back at the start of last season. and sometimes as a quick second-back when Pacheco makes his debut.
  • If Edward-Helaire returns to the role It would reduce McKinnon’s yelling and make it harder to trust him in fantasy football.
  • It’s also possible Kansas City wants to limit 31-year-old players in preseason. only using him as the third down.
  • undrafted rookie Prince Denerick Also getting their fair share of training camp. But he didn’t see any playing time until after the start was over. He appears to be fourth on the depth chart, which isn’t bad for this preseason.

Alvin Kamara Spent most of the first team time: Suspended running backs are still starters, even if added. Jamal Williams and Kendre Miller.

  • Kamara took each of the first seven images for Saints. Jamal Williams Then managed to play two before Kamara came back.
  • The former All-Pro was on the field near the goal line despite how well Williams played in those situations last season.
  • While this isn’t bad news for Kamara, it might not be as bad as it seems.
  • Traditionally The Saints will make multiple substitutions from game to game. using players according to the formation and personnel
  • New Orleans is at a close level in this game. But they weren’t defensive or running back. They didn’t do the same in their first friendly last season.
  • Chris Olaf Played every snap of last season’s first pre-season drive. But only played more than 77% of snaps once in the regular season. He returned to play every stroke on his first drive of the season.
  • This means that Kamara is ahead of Williams and Miller on the depth chart — not necessarily an indicator of how each player will play.
  • Miller played the first snap late in the first quarter, joining Bigsby bucket as the only rookie running back in the first quarter in a game that the starting runner also played. Unlike Bigsby, though, it doesn’t have any Miller snaps to begin with.
  • We probably don’t know how the Saints will spread their snaps between their three runbacks. until Kamara takes a break.

Juwan Johnson Still the end of the saints received: The Saints have added a tight end multiple times this season. But Johnson is still the primary receiver.

  • Plus, he and the free agent. Foster Moro share time with startup But Johnson was constantly on the pitch in situations that clearly provided Moro with the ball.
  • New Orleans brought it back too. Jimmy Grahamwhich did not see any playing time until the second team entered the field
  • Taisom Hill It’s still a tight end and could play in a higher percentage of his snaps there this year. after the Saints add more running backs He also doesn’t see any snaps until later in the game.
  • Johnson won’t see as much playing time as other defensive games. That ends up being that New Orleans likes to rotate players. But that was true last season. and clearly before this game
  • He was targeted on two passes for 29 yards.
  • What happened in this game was the best situation for Johnson. Although it doesn’t move him much in the rankings or in the average draft position,

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey Played on the first drive for Kansas City, then sat down earlier than the rest of the Chiefs’ starters.

receive second year Rashid Shaheed Expected to be the Saints’ third receiver. Keith KirkwoodBut he injured his groin earlier in the week. Expect him to miss a few weeks. But should be ready for Week 1.

San Francisco 49ers @ Las Vegas Raiders

Stay tuned…

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  • Snaps include plays recalled for penalty shootouts. Including interfering with possession of the offensive game or blocking the ball defensively. Three more stats were removed from these plays.
  • Targets may differ from official NFL sources. The most probable discrepancy is likely to be from apparent throws, where the NFL may award the target to the nearest receiver. While this information will not be.
  • Carry is for designed plays only. Defender tackles do not count against the total number of carries in the game.

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