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• Khalil Herbert A clear favorite in Atleti’s backfield: Herbert played every stroke with a starter and scored a touchdown.

Taija Spears outstanding Hassan Haskins: Spears saw prime time with the main backs and was a more impressive runner. by his run against the Bears

DJ Moore Already making a difference: Moore scored on the Bears’ third offensive play. a 62-yard touchdown and had rest time remaining before the rest of Chicago began.

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Tennessee Titans @ chicago bear

Khalil Herbert The obvious favorites for the Bears’ RB job: Herbert plays 100% of the snap as Justin Fields currently playing

  • Adding a Free Agent D’Onta Foreman Start playing on third drive with backup only.
  • When a team in preseason doesn’t have any turnover, it typically means that one player is ahead of another in the depth chart.
  • Chicago is constantly used. David Montgomery in the first two drives and Khalil Herbert On the third drive last season So in this case It could mean that Herbert will be the man to play in the first two drives this season.
  • Herbert gave very good marks as a runner. But not as good as the receiver last season
  • His 56-yard touchdown might make the Bears trust him more as a receiver.
  • Herbert’s ADP could be one of the biggest awakenings next week. Considering his playing time and playing highlights. it deserves to go up
  • Punish Ebner is the third quarterback to see playing time toward the end of the second quarter.
  • Roshnon Johnson Also played towards the end of the second quarter. But only after Ebner was helped off the field. This indicates that he ranks fourth on the depth chart.
  • There was plenty of time for Johnson to develop a depth chart. But he may not have much in mind in September.

Taija Spears Press release on Titans reserve matches: Hassan Haskins The game started, but Spears marked on the first drive.

  • Spears outpaced Haskins on the first two drives and ran six catches for 32 yards versus Haskins who carries two for five yards.
  • Haskins finally scored a touchdown. But he had to try to score twice. His efficiency was still low compared to the spear.
  • Rookie running backs are typically well below the depth chart in the first week of preseason. For example: Devon Aachen with Miami Dolphins — So the fact that Spears has already seen some big moments with the second team is a good sign.
  • It’s unlikely Spears will have standalone value in the start of the season. but he tends to be handcuffed for Derrick Henry.
  • Henry was 29 years old and a The team is below average.. If the Titans don’t start well this season There is a possibility that Henry will be exchanged in time. which could turn Spears into an imaginary lineup.

Third Titans Wild Receiver Battle: DeAndre Hopkins and Trelon Burks both of them have a day off Several other Titans wide receivers are battling for playing time this season.

  • Chris Moore and Nick Westbrook-Ekine Starting game for Tennessee Moore is a free agent from Houston TexansWhile Westbrook-Ekine was the starting XI last season
  • Moore completed a 30-yard pass on the team’s first goal. and his days ended after that. While Westbrook-Ekine continues to play This suggests that Moore is ahead of Westbrook-Ekine on the depth chart.
  • Kyle Phillips He started last season as a slot receiver for the Titans, but hasn’t played much with 12 and 21 personnel used in the offensive line.
  • He still played on the second drive. but playing offensively after that point This suggests that the Titans value him more than any other player playing on the third drive and beyond.
  • Phillips still seems to be the favorite to play in an 11-man team, but Moore should also get some crucial playing time when Hopkins or Burkes need a playoff. Moore is also a favorite to start if Hopkins or Burkes get injured this season.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Titans are tight Chicosium Oconco and Trevon Wesco Be one of those veterans with a rookie holiday. Josh Weil It was expected to be primarily a tight defensive position. But he is often used in tight second sets in rushed situations as well. He’s obviously in the top three on the depth chart right now and will be taken into account this season.
  • Malik Willis starting for the titans, but he and Will Lewis spin with drive Willis had the advantage playing behind the starting offensive line on the first drive. Tennessee switched to a backup offensive lineman for the second drive.
  • DJ Moore Played every snap on the first drive, scored a 62-yard touchdown and called it a day before the Bears started.
  • Chase Claypool Did not play in the game due to a hamstring injury sustained in training on Wednesday. A few issues are expected, and he should be the Bears’ third receiver.
  • Robert Tony Play in two sets, finishing with the starter and stopping when the starter is finished. He should see significant playing time in the regular season. But there was no indication from the game that his playing time would be a threat. Cole Kmetof snaps

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note table
  • Snaps include plays recalled for penalty shootouts. Including interfering with possession of the offensive game or blocking the ball defensively. Three more stats were removed from these plays.
  • Targets may differ from official NFL sources. The most probable discrepancy is likely to be from apparent throws, where the NFL may award the target to the nearest receiver. While this information will not be.
  • Carry is for designed plays only. Defender tackles do not count against the total number of carries in the game.

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