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  • The Carolina Panthers The wide receiver rotation was intense: Carolina used six different wild receivers with the starter. with different combinations for each drive.
  • Michael Carter Leading the Reserve Run Race: Carter restarted and won. sonovan knight.
  • Tyler Conklin It can be difficult to start imagining: CJ Usomah It’s a key part of the Jets’ end rotation that limits Conklin’s offense.
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New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers

Panthers complex wide receiver: The Panthers used six different wild receivers during the Bryce Youngthree drives

  • DJ Shark Jr., Adam Thielen and Jonathan Mingo The game started for Carolina.
  • Shark only played the first drive before his day was over. That’s a good indication that his initial job is safe.
  • Thielen played on the first two drives. He played consistently in slots in three defensive sets. He only played 28.6% of his snaps in slots last season against. Minnesota Vikings.
  • He scores better width in the slot. In addition to posting better goal share and yards per run on the route. So the move to this niche is a bit surprising.
  • Mingo started in his first preseason game as a rookie, a pretty strong sign that he’ll be one of the receivers in the workforce’s 11 in Week 1.
  • The Panthers were attached to three receivers on the first drive. Therefore, we cannot confirm that he will be a male stranger among the 12 personnel.
  • Mingo went out on the second drive and came back on the third. Therefore, his work is not always necessarily safe.
  • Terrace Marshall Jr. was expected to be the starter over Mingo early in the season due to his experience. But this is a good sign that Marshall ranks fourth on the depth chart.
  • Laviska Chenot Jr. Still getting snaps on the second drive for a while. Chi Smith play on the third drive
  • Marshall, Shenault and Smith still play once. Matt Corral Replaced Bryce on the fourth drive.
  • Chark, Thielen and Mingo are all worthy of a late-round pick in case they perform well, but Marshall no longer seems worth the final pick.

Alternate jets run back. The battle heats up: Michael Carter and sonovan knight Split time starting with Breeze Hall still deprived

  • Carter started the game. But the Jets circulated between him and Knight every three laps.
  • Carter was the more impressive of the two.
  • When the Jets switched to the second team for this game, the rookie Israel Abanikanda Take pictures from the backyard.
  • There’s a chance both Carter and Knight will see significant playing time if Hall isn’t available for Week 1 and the Jets don’t add. Dalvin Cook.
  • It’s also possible that one of these players didn’t make a roster. Because a good hall is guaranteed to have one roster and Abanikanda is likely to get another.

Overview of the Jets wide receiver rotation: New York used some receivers on Saturday. But it is enough to get some information about what will happen in September.

  • The jets rested a number of starters, including Garrett Wilsonwhile Randall Cobb Out with an injury
  • this is all Allen Lazard, Corey Davis and Mecol Hardman Jr. Stay on top of the depth chart.
  • Basically, Lazard and Davis play every snap. Except for a slight pause near the end of the 13 lap drive.
  • Hardman is restricted to being subtracted from 11 personnel for the most part.
  • He played only two-thirds of the offensive line without Wilson and Cobb. So it’s less likely that hardman will see playing time when they play.
  • It’s normal to draft Hardman in the best batting leagues when he’s resting for big plays, but it’ll be tough for him to make an impact in a newly drafted league without injury.
  • This made it clear that Davis would remain a key part of the offense. This could be implied by his top $11.2 million, but Saturday gave me even more proof.

The Jets, a tight duo: Tyler Conklin It was a close end in a clear pass, but CJ Usomah also saw significant playtime

  • The two played together in two end sets. But one third of playing with starters Usomah is the Soloti End.
  • That kind of rotation would make it difficult for Conklin to be an imaginary starter.
  • The only good news is the end of the second year. Jeremy Ruckert Doesn’t start playing until a substitute comes in.
  • Ruckert had a strong boot camp and was among the Hall of Fame players.
  • This makes it look like a two-person spin at the top instead of three.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Mile Sanders Groin twists in training earlier in the week. It was not expected to be serious. But it was enough for him to play this game.
  • Hayden Hurst Get a close start today which is no surprise It’s good to see him dominate the attack. Giving him a chance to start this season if he fits in with Bryce Young.

save table
  • Snaps include plays recalled for penalty shootouts. Including interfering with possession of the offensive game or blocking the ball defensively. Three more stats were removed from these plays.
  • Targets may differ from official NFL sources. The most probable discrepancy is likely to be from apparent throws, where the NFL may award the target to the nearest receiver. While this information will not be.
  • Carry is for designed plays only. Defender tackles do not count against the total number of carries in the game.

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