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by Sam Woltz: Vasily Lomachenko is the ideal next opponent for WBO super featherweight champion Emanuel Navarrete instead of facing Oscar. Smaller and totally superior Valdez once again in a pointless rematch.

Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) possessed Navarrete’s size-neutral skills and prodigious work rate, having a far greater reach than many of the top wrestlers.

Most boxing fans agree that Lomachenko needs to be demoted to super featherweight. If he wants to prolong his career and become world champion again.

Obviously, he’s too small for the 135-pound class, and he’s even smaller than a 130-pound fighter, but at least in that weight class. It’s not as amazing.

In Lomachenko’s recent bout with Devin Haney, he looks like he’s going all out at the welterweight division.

Top Rank has limited options for opponents for Navarrete other than throwing Valdez back there with him two or three more in a fight where the outcome will be predictable.

Lomachenko will need to drop down to 130 if he’s not going to fight Shakur Stevenson, because he won’t get the rematch he hoped against Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis will never go up against him.

Navarrete made life for former two-division world champion Valdez (31-2, 23 KOs) miserable Saturday night, defeating him 2-1 in a twelve-round unanimous decision.

Tim Bradley: “Do you know what it is? As fighters, we put everything into training with our heart, soul and sacrifice,” Bradley told ESPN, speaking of the Oscar loss. Valdez to Emmanuel Navaret: “You go into this fight expecting to win. and you want to win you are hopeful to win But then you didn’t win.

“You did everything right. But in this boxing sport It doesn’t matter you can still lose It’s part of it.”

Mark Kriegel: “You saw it with your own eyes. The eyes are closed, but the eyes hurt much less than the heart. I can tell you how they differ. It took Oscar a while to figure out where all these things came from. and in the fourth round he succeeded

“If you watch the fight from the fourth round onwards. It’s generally a close fight. But that changed after the fourth round. I think the attack He had never seen these shots before. And that’s why he’s behind the table.

Bradley: “The problem is senior officials. He is a Navarrete bodyguard assassin. He finds a loophole around the high guard. He often breaks it up with capital letters. Oscar will fall He hit him with an uppercut punch. and he shot

“That’s the problem right there. Because when Oscar uses dodges and footwork He caused Navarrete to miss. He can control the pace. And he can block his attacks. and avoiding fire coming from Navarrete

“Every time he [Valdez] Stand there with your hands held high in that high card. He took too much damage.”

Joe Weaver: “You know who always thinks of Navarrete? The best of public boxing from the first world championship shot with dogbo

“From his appearance from the way of fighting from the lack of basic physical to how he looks when he enters the ring that guy is awesome He’s shapeless.”

Bernard Osuna: “he [Navarrete] have a slow start He used to faint. He has strong defense from the start. his change and he has heavy hands and when he had to go to that dark place His right hand also hurt. And he accepted it with his corner man, he did.

“Back to Oscar Valdez, tears in his eyes. especially this loss Scarier than Shakur Stevenson’s fight because it wasn’t just against the man people said he was. You have the resources to beat him in different ways.”

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