Tyson Fury’s biggest controversies, from anti-gay comments to online petition

The self-proclaimed “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury may be at the top of his boxing game. But he also gained a reputation as a conflicted and divisive figure.

with at home with angerS Now streaming on Netflix, it offers a behind-the-scenes look at the sports star and his family life. We’re taking a look back at some interesting moments from Fury’s career.

Tyson Fined for Anti-Gay Concerning Rival Boxer on Social Media

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In 2013, the unbeaten boxer was fined £3,000 by the Boxing Control Board for comments he made on Twitter about fellow fighters David Price and Tony Belle.

Robert Smith, secretary general of the Boxing Control Board Telegraph Sport At the time: “What he did was wrong. He is a joint license holder with us. And he was abusing other license holders.

“It was unacceptable and he told us he had stopped it. Tyson didn’t do it for himself at all. People posting on Twitter are not individuals of legal age whom myself and the other members of the board have met and know. It must end.”

in response to fines Fury admits: “People like to be outspoken and I’m outspoken – but when you’re hit with 3 grand it’s time to be a little quieter. The board was more lenient with me and it was. A heavy penalty that I will bear on my chin.”

later that year in october Fury has another spat on social media. This time with Lennox Lewis (via Pink News) and Vladimir Klitschko’s anti-gay tweets led to an investigation by the British Boxing Board of Control (via Pink News).

David Haye, who is due to fight Fury the following year, said: Fury’s “recent homophobic rant” was “really taken too far”.

Tyson has criticized his comments about women.

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In 2015, after his win over Wladimir Klitschko, a video clip resurfaced that saw Fury’s answers to questions about women in boxing and sport. (as reported by ESPN).

When it comes to boxing, Fury seems to be referring to ring girls instead of female boxers.

“I thought they were so cute when they walked around that ring holding cards,” he said. “I really liked them. They give me inspiration when I’m tired. And I saw them wiggling around in round 2 or round 8. I think women boxing is very good.”

As for women becoming more involved in sports, he said, “It’s up to everyone what they want to do. I’m ready for everything I’m not a sexist I believe that if men can work for the rest of their lives. Women can. I would say, ‘Don’t do that because you’re a woman’, but I believe that a woman’s best place is in the kitchen and on her back. That’s my personal belief, making me a good cup of tea. That’s what I believe.”

Tyson made damaging comments about the LGBTQ+ community.

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Also in 2015, Tyson made headlines for his comments in an interview with Sunday Mail (way Pink News).

“There are only three things that must be accomplished before the devil returns home,” he says. “One of them is homosexuality, which is legal in most countries. One of them is abortion. and the other is sex with children.”

Such language used to cause homophobic moral panic that falsely linked being gay to predatory or dangerous to children.

Over 75,000 people have signed a petition to have him removed from the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.

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In 2015, in response to his comments about women and the LGBTQ+ community, an online petition began circulating demanding that he be removed from the race for the title (via protector).

Despite online backlash, the BBC decided to stand up for the nomination (via attitude), stating: “The sports personality choices were compiled by a panel of industry experts and determined based on an individual’s athletic accomplishments…

“It is not an endorsement of any person’s personal beliefs. whether by the BBC or members of its committee.”

Around 40 people protested outside the SSE Arena in Belfast, host of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, and some spectators reportedly booed Fury’s name.

Rainbow Project Director John O’Doherty said (via news from bbc): “It is very disappointing that the BBC ignores public opinion and refuses to remove Tyson Fury from the shortlist.

“Probably a great boxer Tyson Fury, however, his very unreasonable and erroneous remarks about our community. This makes him an unworthy contender to be recognized amongst the UK’s elite and sporting ambassadors.”

Northern Ireland’s First Deputy Minister Martin McGuinness and Stormont’s Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuilín met the protesters and shared their support, with McGuinness calling Tyson’s remarks “disgraceful”, “horrifying”, “misogynistic” and “misogynistic”. homophobic” before stating that “they have no place in modern society.”

Tyson apologized at the ceremony, saying: “If I’ve said anything in the past that hurt anyone, I’m sorry.”

Gary Lineker questioned him live on stage, and Fury said (via news from bbc): “I’ve said a lot in the past and didn’t mean to hurt anyone… It’s hilarious. It’s fun and a game for me. I’m not a very serious, personal person – everything is so lucky to have Tyson Fury.”

Over the years, Tyson Fury has expressed his desire not to be involved with point shortlisted, and in 2021 he threatened legal action against the BBC if he were nominated.

“This is a message for bbcsport and them. point Awards – Please remove me from your list. because I am the champion of the people and does not require any review or reward,” Fury wrote (via Evening Standard) “I know who I am and what I’ve done in sports. I have love from people This means more to me than any award in the world. For anyone who supports me, don’t vote.”

“It means nothing to me. And I don’t need it or want it,” Fury said. The Daily Telegraph at that time

“In fact They will hear from my lawyer. If they put me on the list Give it to someone who needs it, I don’t.”

Tyson Fury makes anti-Semitic comments

Angry Tyson. At home with Anger.


Fury made headlines again in 2016 for his more controversial observations. This time it was an interview with sports view (way protector), which he reportedly said, “Zionists, Jews… own all the banks. all documents all television stations”

In response, the Anti-Semitism Campaign (CAA) called for the heavyweight champion to be barred from the sport. And the group has also lodged a complaint with the British Boxing Board of Control.

spokesman Jonathan Sacerdoti said (as reported by protector): “There should be no place for anti-Semitism in sport. He should be banned from boxing and referred to the British Boxing Board of Control.

“This is not his first mistake. He specializes in racism and racism. Behavior like this should encourage sponsors to withdraw their support.

“The British do not tolerate or support racism. These specific anti-Semitic slurs have been around for centuries. And how he uses it today in 2016 shows how stupid and spiteful it is.”

In a statement after the backlash Tyson said: “I apologize to anyone who may be offended by my comments.

“I said something. which may hurt some people Which, as a Christian man, is not what I want to do.”

Tyson Fury has since stated that he ‘Play a part’

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“I began to play this part out of arrogance and arrogance,” Fury wrote in his book. behind the maskwhich was published in 2019

“I finally lost myself in this character.”

“I entered a paid position after completing my amateur career. During that time I became aware of the racism towards tourists,” he says. “This made me an outsider. So I felt that in order to get my attention. I have to be an attraction in sports. I had to play the role of a criminal.”

“I felt that I had to play a part in seeking publicity. And to do so I had to controversy and shock people with the way I spoke. To some extent it worked. But playing that role has reached a point where I don’t know. what is real and what is action”

In a speech released by the BBC, he also reported: “I confess I didn’t respond as well as I should have, and I regret that sometimes I do…

“I was angry and felt unappreciated.”

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