TUF 31 Episode 12 Keynote: Cody Gibson wins; TUF’s ending will be all about the experience.

Cody Gibson took another first-round victory to take the final spot in the finale of “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 31. Michael Chandler’s coach, Gibson, capitalized on a mistake by Conor McGregor’s coach, Rico DiSciullo, and won the submission. to earn the right to face former Team Chandler fighter Brad Katona.

Saturday night, Gibson will face Katona in the bantamweight finals during the qualifying rounds at UFC 292 in Boston. Austin Hubbard and Kurt Holobaugh will duel in the lightweight finals. Both winners will receive UFC contracts.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest moments from episode 12.

Bantamweight: Cody Gibson, Team Chandler vs. Rico Dichullo, Team McGregor

Gibson defeats DiSciullo on first-round submission.

After injuring his knee during his final fight with Mando Gutierrez, Gibson had an unfavorable matchup with forward Disciullo, fortunately for Gibson none of that mattered.

DiSciullo slipped early in the first round while throwing punches, giving Gibson the hole he needed. Gibson pounced on his opponent as soon as DiSciullo hit the mat, then restrained him there. While on the mat, Gibson landed steadily and threatened DiSciullo with submission until he finally received a triangular arm choke to end the fight.

Prior to competing in TUF Season 31, Gibson fought Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Eagle FC team in 2022. He was on the UFC roster from 2014 to 2015 during his promotion. Gibson defeated Douglas Silva de Andrade and retained the UFC Bantamweight World Title Aljamen Sterling.

Gibson will face fellow UFC veteran Katona in the finale of TUF. During this episode, Gibson and Katona exchange words. And obviously the two fighters weren’t fans of each other. That should be an interesting matchup on Saturday night.

story to watch

precious opportunity

Sometimes it’s worth being the last. Following the theme of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from McGregor, after driving McGregor’s Lamborghini after he defeated Hunter Azure in the quarterfinals, DiSciullo was given another rare opportunity with his coach.

As one of the only two remaining members of McGregor’s team in the playoffs. And his fight was booked as the final event of the season, DiSciullo trained one-on-one with the former two-division UFC champion. For the only fighter in the semifinals with no UFC experience, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

DiSciullo had the opportunity to showcase McGregor’s skills during training and even picked up some new ones. He was highly regarded by his coaches.

“Rico is phenomenal. [he] It was great,” McGregor said. “I was actually quite surprised. [by] his experience His coolness…some trait that is astonishing for a young fighter.”

Unfortunately for DiSciullo, he slipped up against Gibson, but that doesn’t change how valuable this whole experience is for DiSciullo, who is still looking to crack the UFC roster at some point.

last cheers

While many of the show’s fans have made it clear that they’re unimpressed with McGregor’s coaching this season, McGregor’s dinner with the team, and especially, it’s been a while. The toast he and his coach received from Carlos Vera was a reminder that there was So much is going on on this show that fans are not privy to.

During the toast, Vera spoke about how each fighter greatly appreciated McGregor and his crew. Vera also spoke about McGregor’s journey in the UFC, even though it wasn’t his coaching at TUF this season. But has inspired everyone on the team.

“You have shown us perseverance. You have shown us steel will. And you showed us that little ‘f— you’ that everyone needs to hear. Because we are fighters,” Vera said during his toast to McGregor.

Then, to end dinner McGregor gave each of his fighters one final gift. That’s $1,000 worth of chips to a local casino in Las Vegas.

The end of the season wasn’t bad at all.

Tweet the best MMA fighter from episode 12.

Is it destiny?

Obviously Gibson doesn’t like Katona. Was their fight destined to happen in the finale?

Coach knows

Chandler coached both fighters for their quarterfinal matchups. He will find out how the two men feel about each other.

coach face

Any chance we’ll see this fight before the end of the year?

Saturday’s End

Lightweight: Austin Hubbard, Team Chandler vs. Kurt Holobaugh, Team Chandler

Here’s everything we know about these two fighters:

Austin Hubbard
record: 15-6
UFC Records: 3-4
age: 31
Battle from: Denver, Colorado
TUF Final Battle: Hubbard D. Roosevelt Roberts by decision to part ways

Kurt Holoboh
record: 19-7
UFC Records: 0-4
age: 36
Battle from: Denham Springs, Louisiana
TUF Final Battle: Holobaugh def. Jason Knight Wins by second-round knockout.

Bantamweight: Brad Katona, Team McGregor vs. Cody Gibson, Team Chandler.

Here’s everything we know about these two fighters:

Brad Soldier
record: 13-2
UFC Records: 2-2
age: 31
Battle from: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
TUF Final Battle: Soldier def. Timur Valiev by parting decision

Cody Gibson
record: 19-8
UFC Records: 1-3
age: 35
Battle from: Visalia, California

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