“They’re Inevitable”: Mike’s Encounters Tyson and his son about life on the “downhill” continue to inspire his father from world boxing.

In a world where nepotism is the norm Mike Tyson seems to challenge it In a recent post, we see Mike Tyson giving his son some heartfelt advice on boxing. When Tyson’s son Amir TysonSharing interest in boxing, Tyson disgusted him with facts. Facts related to his lifestyle would hinder his career as a boxer.

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‘Kid Dynamite’ didn’t fool his son with false hopes, he also presented the reality of boxing. He recounts his regular trips to Europe. high-class living And private schooling is the reason. He also explains how these factors played an important role in shaping his boxing career. Tyson even called his son a “kidding.” However, viewers praised Tyson’s upbringing.

Mike Tyson’s Honest Parenting Style


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‘Iron Mike’ tells his son “You went to a private school. You can’t be a boxer. Khun Tiew…going on a trip to Europe…can’t be a fighter [out of] Here. You are funny!”

He added on the reality of boxing:I don’t want my kids to go through this. it’s tarnished Boxing is what you do when you have nothing. It was a sacrifice of a lot of pain. [and] Suffering. I got the picture so my kids didn’t have to. when i look at them I see middle-class kids going to school doing their thing. [wanted]. Boxing wants to be the best. [dominating] Everyone. I don’t want to put pressure on them like that.” However, fans were happy that Tyson didn’t thrill his son when they learned the truth. They also praised Tyson in a recent post on Facebook.

Fans Praise Iron Mike For His Parenting Fashion

First of all, start a conversation. Bruno Samson BarneyTranslated via Facebook, it says questions from the next generation are still inevitable. He praised the former champion for the timely gift he gave to his son. The user said, “The sequel is inevitable!!! Great job Mike for your advice to your son!”

following Kelyan SiiSii, Kudos to Tyson for speaking so eloquently. Emphasizing that although his son may have a better life But he was still able to appreciate the noble arts and remain an enthusiast. Clear, good, very well said, although life has other options for you. It is possible even if he has a better life than his father.” send it to me.

next, Daniel Auction Ready to tell you about the experience that “Well done Mr. Tayson, my professional father in the 60s told me you would never box in life.” after that Landry Cana Emphasize the idea of ​​champions declaring that “Well said champion. Everything we do on earth is done with thought. Only champions will understand.”


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in addition, Hope Mufankolo It ends with a hopeful message about Tyson’s son learning a valuable lesson from his father who went through much hardship. Mufangolo said that “May our son be earnestly rewarded. [this] Advice from a good father who lived a difficult life until he had a fortune.”

“You went to private school..” Mike Tyson hysterized on The Joe Rogan Experience about his 16-year-old son wanting to become a professional boxer.

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Mike Tyson’s dribbling style has gained a lot of attention on the internet. Otherwise, the youngest heavyweight champion in the sport made headlines recently, associating with Francis Ngannu. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion As for his upcoming bout against Tyson Fury, there is no doubt that Tyson’s impact on boxing goes beyond the ring.


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