The very rare submission only made it the third UFC fight.

The very rare submission only made it the third UFC fight.

“Twisters” are sometimes mentioned in MMA, but rarely seen in the UFC.

There are many exclusive clubs in MMA and many want to reach the top of the division. Few can say they’ve become pound-for-pound fighters. Two division champions or even the owner of the position in the big promotion But one of the sport’s most exclusive clubs only took a moment to join. And on Saturday another fighter joins the ranks.

Bantamweight Da’Mon Blackshear scored a twist submission as part of this weekend’s qualifying bout against the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. in promotion thanks to his performance, beating Jose Johnson in the fourth minute of the match.

Twister finished off with an outstanding performance.

It was clear that Blackshear wanted to show off his fighting skills against Johnson. Less than a minute into the fight, Blackshear knocked down Johnson. Blackshear knocked Johnson down again in the third minute. There he chose to use a tornado. Rather than trying to secure his sixth naked choke win of his career.

After about 30 seconds of working in the proper position, Blackshear was tapped by Johnson, bringing the fight to an end. The fight was a straightforward show for Blackshear, with a flashy ending note.

Blackshear Joins a Special Group

Blackshear’s victory Saturday night puts him in the most exclusive class in the sport. In the UFC, he’s only the third fighter to win a bout with a twister submission.

The first person to be nominated for the promotion was Chan Sung Jung, aka Korea’s The Zombie. Back in 2011, he fired Leonard. Garcia retired late in the second featherweight bout. created a sensation for his promotional debut show at that time

After Zombie made history in 2011, it took some time before we saw another perfect submission at the peak of promotion. It happened again in 2019 when the then undefeated featherweight Bryce Mitchell knocked out Matt Sayles in the first round of the bout.

a year later Mitchell managed to become the only fighter in the promotion’s history to win two bouts via Twister. but did not succeed Faced with Charles Rosa in 2020, Mitchell looked for a surrender but couldn’t put an end to the race. He sounded intrigued by Rosa’s stamina afterward, explaining, “I don’t know why his neck wasn’t broken.”

Twister: It protrudes from the rest.

Many MMA submission finishes come from just a few general moves. At the 2023 Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports annual meeting, a doctor discusses the different types of choking seen in MMA as part of a presentation in a photograph taken by Eric MagrakenCharts of every choke in UFC history have been provided.

Although this picture shows only suffocation. Not all submissions But it shows that most submission results come from different types of attempts. Just a few types. Nearly 50 percent of the chokes are bareback chokes. Guillotines were 12 percent, arm guillotines and forearm triangles were 9 percent, and choking triangles were 7 percent. After all, 39 or fewer chokes have been seen in UFC history, which equates to about 3.5 percent or less. than of the choking results ever seen in a promotion

Despite having three twisters occurring in the UFC, they are still rarer than other submissions that are not often seen according to the chart referenced above: Bulldog choke, Von Flue Choke, North South Choke, Ezekiel Choke, choke. Inverted triangles and scarfholds happen multiple times in the UFC.

therefore quite rare.

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