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The Ring’s #1 strawweight Thammanoon Niyomtrong (Knockout CP Freshmart) at his gym outside Bangkok. (Photo by Wasim Mather)

The Ring debuted its first split ratings in 1925, nearly a century later. It is no exaggeration to claim that these independent rankings are the most respected and talked about in world boxing.

The Ring Rating Board is made up of dozens of experts from around the world. Opinions are shared, debates are held, and the final decision on who should rank where is democratically decided every week. It sounds easy, but it can be a laborious and time-consuming process.

during the epidemic We have fully reviewed and broken down each department. in a double-sided approach We look back at the achievements of the world’s best fighters in chronological order. and analyze what lies ahead

Last year, we looked back at how each division worked and decided after a busy first half of 2023 to consolidate the new division breakdown. Starting from the lightest class to the heavyweight.

However, we’ve started this new rating review with a popular pound-for-pound rating. Click here to read about the current mythical rankings.

Next up is the strawweight division. It looks like the cards may have changed. As always, please enjoy the debate and respect others’ opinions.

1st place – Knockout CP Freshmart

record: 24-0 (9 KOs)

Past: Freshmart is the longest reigning world champion. Having taken over the WBA title from Byron Rojas (UD 12) in June 2016, the 32-year-old has defended 11 times, overturning the challenges of Rey Loreto (UD 12), Chaozhong Xiong (UD 12), Rojas (UD 12). 12), Robert Paradero (TKO 5) and in his most recent fight, long-time WBC champion Wanheng Menayothin (UD 12), he is scheduled to defend his title against Eric Rosa on March 1, but fighting was suspended during Fight Week due to immigration issues to Thailand. (which prevented Rosa from entering the country)

future: Rosa’s fight takes place this fall on neutral soil.

Knockout CP Freshmart (right) vs. Wanheng Menayothin July 2022 (Photo by Wasim Mather)

2nd place – Petchmanee CP Fresh Mart

record: 40-1 (24 KOs)

Past: Freshmart won several regional belts before claiming the WBC title by taking down long-time compatriot Wanheng Menayothin in November 2020. The 32-year-old Thai boxer successfully defended the title to 4 times, especially defeating Menayothin (UD 12) in a tournament and Norihito Tanaka (Ep.12/Tan.8).

future: It will head to Japan to meet temporary challenger Yudai Shigeoka on October 7.

Petchmanee CP Fresh Mart

3rd place – Oscar Collazo

record: 7-0 (5 KOs)

Past: Collazo has won five national championships, won a gold medal at the 2019 Pan-Am, and is aspiring to represent his country at the 2020 Olympics. However, his weight division is unknown. And he decided to switch to professional boxing in February 2020. The 26-year-old quickly moved into the paid ranks. and defeated former WBO champion Vic Saludar (UD 12) in his fifth pro bout. Earlier this year, he won the WBO title by stopping Judel Reyes (KO 5), and then won the World Title. Stopping Melvin Jerusalem (RTD 7)

future: Collazo will follow the long tradition of Puerto Rican strawweights that include Alex Sanchez, Ivan Calderon and, most recently, Wilfredo Mendez. He will make his first defense in the main event against Garen Diagan on Aug. 26.

Oscar Collazo taken to Melvin Jerusalem. Photo by Jhay Oh Otamias.


record: 9-0 (7 KOs)

Past: Shigeoka was a dominant amateur before turning pro in September 2018. He stopped former world title challenger Rey Loreto (KO 5) in a dominant fight in his fifth if not the first fight. Because of the pandemic – he hasn’t fought for 18 months – the 23-year-old may have already won the world title. He scored a point against Daniel Valladares before the bout was halted as head collisions rendered the bout uncontested. He scored an impressive TKO 9 win over Rene Mark Cuarto in his rematch. his latest

future: The talented Japanese fighter is ready to fight and show his incredible potential. when he meets Valladares again on October 7.

Ginjiro Shigeoka (left) assaults veteran Rey Loreto. Photo by Naoki Fukuda.

Ginjiro Shigeoka (L) physically assaults veteran Rey Loreto. Photo by Naoki Fukuda.

5th place – Yudai Shigeoka

record: 7-0 (5 KOs)

Past: Yudai won five national titles and had dreams of representing Japan at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, however, when his weight division was cancelled. Like Collazo, he opted to turn professional in October 2019, though. Won’t be as highly regarded as his younger brother (Ginjiro), but he’s still a great fighter with a bright future. He surpassed the more experienced Tsubasa Koura (MD 12) in 2021 and stopped the past. World Champion Wilfredo Mendez (KO 7) in his most recent bout.

future: Yudai will share the spotlight with his younger brother when he looks to elevate his interim status against WBC champion Petchmanee on October 7.

Yudai Shigeoka

6th place – Daniel Valladares

record: 26-3-1 (15 KOs)

Past: The Mexican fighter won his first 11 bouts before he was passed by Genaro Rios (MD 8), a traveler. He rebounded to score an impressive double win over former WBO strawweight champion Merlito Sabillo (TKO 7) and break Christian Araneta’s unbeaten record (RTD 4) in his fight with owner Pedro Taduran. The IBF belt at that time was doing well when he was eliminated. And the match ended in a technical draw. The 29-year-old lost his way, losing a series of fights, before boarding and overtaking Rene Mark Cuarto (SD 12) to claim the IBF title fight against Ginjiro Shigeoka before the final. A punch will end with a punch. The third round was not contested.

future: They face Shigeoka in a match on October 7.

Valladers (left) in exchange for Peter Taduran, photo by Jhay Oh Otamias.

7th place – Melvin Jerusalem

record: 20-3 (12 KOs)

Past: Jerusalem wins first 11 bouts at home in the Philippines Before losing on points to WBC champion Wanheng Menayothin (UD 12), he had a hangover and lost to compatriot Joey Canoy (UD 10) in his next bout, before going on to win 8 bouts in a row and deflect. Winning the WBO title duel with Masataka Taniguchi earlier this year, the 29-year-old made the most of the opportunity to deliver an impressive second-round stoppage. He gave Collazo his first defense title (RTD 7).

future: Evaluate his options before returning.

Melvin Jerusalem poses and belted after arriving in Los Angeles. Photograph by Jhay Oh Otamias.

8th place – Rene Mark Fourth

record: 21-4-2 (14 KOs)

Past: After turning proton at the age of 17, he suffered an early setback. which he later avenged. He then lost to compatriot Samuel Salva (UD 12) in the IBF Championship. He eventually won the belt, surpassing Pedro Taduran (UD 12), but lost to Valladares (SD 12). in the midst of conflict After a spectacular comeback, he lost a thrilling fight against Ginjiro Shigeoka (KO 9).

future: The taxing nature of Shigeoka’s fight meant that he needed some demand and a break before returning.

Photo from Cuarto’s Facebook page.

When. 9 – Wilfredo Mendez

record: 18-3 (6 KOs)

Past: Mendez shocked Vic Saludar (UD 12) to win the WBO title. The 26-year-old defended twice against Axel Aragon Vega (Tec, Dec. 7) and Gabriel Mendoza (TKO 9) before losing. Masataka Taniguchi (TKO 11) “Bimbito” won two games in a row before defeating Yudai Shigeoka (KO 7).

future: He was scheduled to face ArAr Andales in a bout in Japan. However, his opponent was not granted a visa and the fight was cancelled.

Wilfredo Mendez celebrates his victory over Vic Saludar (Photo via @WorldBoxingOrg/Twitter).

10th place – Jake Amparo

record: 14-4-1 (3 KOs)

Photo courtesy of Amparo’s Facebook page.

Past: Amparo lost for the first time in his third outing against compatriot Garen Diagan (RTD 3) after a couple of wins, losing to Arvin Magramo (RTD 3) and Regie Suganob (UD). He has five victories, including a road win in South Africa against Mthokozisi Ngxaka (UD 8), however, losing to Huu Toan Le (SD 12) in Thailand. Last impressive goal in Japan over Koki Kobayashi (UD 12)

future: Amparo will see his world ranking improve significantly after Kobayashi’s victory. This earned him the WBO regional title and could be looking to position himself for a shot at Collazo.

Atop: Eric Rosa (who has been inactive for over a year) He will be considered after the fight on August 25), Joey Kanoy, Karen Diagan, Ayanda Ndulani, Pedro Taduran and Alex Winwood.

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