The final four teams in the Women’s World Cup ranked by their chances of winning the title.

We are knocked out of the quarterfinals of the 2023 Women’s World Cup and one thing is clear.

Football fans will see the first winner in a few days.

when Japan lost to Sweden in the quarterfinals That means the last four teams standing all want to win the World Cup for the first time. Sweden is the closest country. with three teams finishing third in history.

How do these teams stack up? Let’s try to sort them out.

1. Spain

for the first time in their history red is going through to the semi-finals What it takes is the pair first: their first match in the Women’s World Cup requiring extra time. And the first goal in the Women’s World Cup from Salma. 19-year-old Paraluelo to break the deadlock late in the game against the Netherlands.

However, a final score of 2-1 against the Netherlands might sell Spain short. red Being on the offensive for most of the match And had the opportunity to miss 2-3 times earlier in the competition They might think about the playoff at halftime. Spain had two attempts to quickly extract woodwork. And they also scored as an offside following a VAR review.

Next for Spain? dating a Swede who is merging its own magical powers, but if red Can create opportunities to score goals continuously They had a really good shot going through to the finals.

2. Sweden

for any reason We overlooked Sweden’s chances of getting into the quarter.

We won’t make that mistake again.

After knocking out the top team of the tournament with a win over the United States. Sweden also turned around and knocked out their best performing team during the tournament with a 2-1 victory over Japan, while Japan’s decisive attack ensured their previous opponents were fit during the tournament. Sweden took the offensive on Friday. Control the tempo early in the game. The first ten matches of the match?

all from sweden

“I thought we played really, really well,” said Amanda Ilstedt, whose 32nd-minute goal put Sweden 1-0 up. “That was our best performance of the tournament. We were very happy to beat the US, but to be honest we weren’t happy with our performance.”

“In the first 45 and the first 20 minutes of the second half We defended really well, we were strong, we won a lot of duels. We don’t let them get the ball too much. Our coach knows that if we let Japan get the ball It will be very difficult for us. They are technically very good,” adds Ilestedt. “Attackingly I think we did well as well. I think we use the space they give. And our players are well connected. and play really good football. It’s an amazing feeling to be in the semi-finals.”

After knocking down two of the best teams in the world. It’s time for Sweden to get serious.

3. Australia

There is a strong argument that at a purely skill level The Aussies are the least convincing team left in the tournament, but there’s an X-factor to Matildas that can’t be denied.

It’s a short story to say that this team lacks talent. Obviously they have Sam Kerr (probably the best player in the world) and Hayley Razo stepping up in a big way due to Kerr’s injury. which kept her out of the starting lineup for most of the cups. What’s more, Matildas doesn’t have the top-down powerhouse roster that the other three teams in the playoffs have.

However, what they do have is an unbelievable advantage when they constantly play at home. There is always a risk that national pressure will damage this team. Instead, they have stood up for the occasion and are pulling in enthusiastic fans filling the pitch in green and gold. These fans undoubtedly used their tired legs in a PK win over France. And it should be louder at Australia’s 83,500-seat stadium in Sydney.

Anything that was once in doubt about Australia’s chances is gone. When Matildas still rose to seize the opportunity They now face England in one of the biggest international competitions. And there is reason to think that this team can shock the world.

4. England

The Lionesses reached the semi-finals following a 2-1 win over Colombia, which in the 63rd minute put England at the top. Alessia Russo and Lauren Hemp are the two best in the tournament right now. Both were in superb form after scoring against Colombia. The English side were among the top scoring teams, scoring 10 goals throughout the tournament.

However, the Lions will be without Lauren James, who served a two-match ban in the final game after stamping on Michelle. Nigeria’s Alosi in England’s win over Nigeria in the last 16 was not the best time to be without her. especially when competing with warm-up opponents in Australia

England showed that they can beat the previous price. But against the Matildas with their fans cheering, it will be a difficult road to reach the final.

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