The Complete Relationship Timeline of Tyson and Paris Fury

The latest Netflix reality series At home with The Furys Follows the lives of Tyson and Paris Fury and their six children, Tyson’s father John Fury and Tyson’s brother Tommy Fury and girlfriend (now fiancée) Moo. Li-Mae Heg gives us the best insight into what makes up most of boxing’s everyday life. famous family

The nine-episode series recounts the moments since Tyson retired from boxing. Tommy’s Upcoming Fight and Molly-Mae’s pregnancy. who have now been married for 14 years

But how did the two meet? And where did they get married? Here is their entire relationship timeline described.

Tyson and Paris Fury Relationship Timeline

2005 – The couple met for the first time.

Tyson and Paris met when Tyson was a 17-year-old anonymous boxer and Paris was 15. Paris said that the first time she saw Tyson she thought he looked like Farmer Giles.

“The first time I saw him, he was 6ft 6 so he was very noticeable. He had a large burn on his side. And I made fun of him because I thought he looked a little silly. I think he looks like farmer Giles,” she said. irish mirror

The pair were introduced at a joint friend’s wedding by Tyson’s Aunt Theresa, who was known as the family matchmaker according to Paris.

“I was first introduced to Tyson by his Aunt Teresa. She is known as the matchmaker in the family. She said to Tyson, ‘Come meet this young lady.’ I raised my head and expected to see someone at eye level because i’m not small I’m five foot eight

“I remember thinking ‘Who is this old man you are introducing me to?’

“He had a full beard and a machine-like body. I thought, ‘You’re not a lad… I’m going… You introduce me to an old man,’” she said.

The couple lived across the Pennines, with Paris growing up in Doncaster, Yorkshire, and Tyson in Wythenshawe, Manchester. They were both devout Catholics. However, less than a year later something happened between them.

2006 – Tyson and Paris begin dating.

After meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding less than a year later The couple reunited at Paris’ 16th birthday party.

Paris explains that the pair are They were ‘pulled together’ and Tyson compared her to the Sindy doll during their first conversation.

“Tyson was quite shy, he didn’t talk much. ‘You look like a Cindy doll’ and it really upset me because Cindy was a second class Barbie. I said ‘no’ I’m not a Cindy doll. At least call me Barbie,” she told the Irish Mirror.

after her birthday party The two of them started dating and went on a sweet date. ice skating and go to the movies every weekend They became lovers after watching. King Kong in the cinema

November 2008 – Tyson and Paris get married.

Two years after the couple started dating. The couple were married in a ceremony at St Peter’s in Chains Catholic Church in Doncaster. South Yorkshire in November 2008 with 300 guests in attendance.

Because both of them are Catholic. Paris then revealed that they had never had sex before their wedding day. And Tyson lived in a caravan outside Paris until their wedding day.

“Even though we are engaged. Tyson would sleep in a caravan at my parents’ house. I slept in the house,” Paris told the Irish Mirror. “We didn’t sleep together until we got married. That’s the way of the traveler.”

October 2009 – Their first child was born.

Almost a year after the wedding The couple welcomed their first child together: a daughter named Venezuelan Fury.

October 2011 – Their second child was born.

three years after the wedding Paris and Tyson welcome second child The boy’s name was Prince John James Fury.

While speaking in a 2020 documentary Tyson Fury: Gypsy KingTyson explained why he decided to name all his sons Prince: “I am the King and they are the Princes until they get the right names.”

July 2016 – The couple welcomes their third child.

In July 2016, Paris gave birth to the couple’s third child. The boy’s name was Prince Tyson II Fury.

December 2017 – Their fourth child was born.

In December 2017, Paris gave birth to the couple’s fourth child. It’s a woman named Valencia Amber Fury.

March 2019 – Their fifth child was born.

After more than 10 years of marriage, Tyson and Paris welcomed their fifth child. Another boy was named Prince Adonis Amaziah Fury.

August 2021 – The couple welcomes their sixth child.

Tyson and Paris welcomed their sixth child, a daughter named Athena Fury, in August 2021. Tyson shared the news on his Instagram and asked people to help Athena pray while she was in the ICU.

Luckily, Athena was okay and her family were able to bring her home from the hospital 11 days later.

March 2023 – Tyson announces that the couple is expecting their seventh child.

On March 23, 2023, Tyson announced that Paris was pregnant with the couple’s seventh child in a sweet post on Instagram.

Tyson shared the delightful news: “I had a date night with my beautiful pregnant wife @ParisFury1. God is awesome! The 7th Coming”

At Home With The Furys will be released on Netflix on August 16.

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