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by Allan Fox: Terence Crawford said he has yet to hear from Errol Spence on whether he will activate a rematch clause in his contract to force a second fight.

It wouldn’t be a shock if Spence opted out of the rematch as he wanted to move up to 160 or 168 and get a few fights under his belt before he started thinking about facing Crawfish. ford again

Moving to 154 isn’t enough for Spence as he walks around a solid 180. Spence should move up to 168 and fight Canelo Alvarez or David Benavidez.

Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) has stated that he will honor the match clause if Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) chooses to go in that direction. He stopped Spence who was unbeaten in the ninth round last month on July 29 in a non-competitive fight. This is mainly due to Errol being tired and weak.

Spence was said to have dropped her weight from 190 pounds to 147 pounds during camp. This means that his training to lose 53 pounds is mostly pure muscle. Losing a lot of muscle to compete at 147 or 154 is insane.

Crawford’s fans insist that Spence is as good as ever, opting to ignore the obvious from his dynamic performance. Spence looked like he had just swam the English Channel and was left with nothing when he entered the ring to face Crawford.

“I haven’t heard anything yet. as i said before it’s in the contract So it’s not that It’s in the contract,” Terence Crawford told Fight Hub TV when asked if a rematch with Errol Spence Jr. was happening.

Let’s say Spence won’t activate his race order. Crawford will fight at 154, but he won’t fight Jermail. Charlo this year Crawford will have to fight someone else or sit idle for the remainder of 2023, which is probably what he will do. Crawford is, like Gary Russell, only fights once a year, then.

“Errol gave me the chance and opportunity to be the first undisputed male boxer in any division in the four belt era,” Crawford said. “I honor that. and if he comes to me or opens the competition I honor that.”

Crawford continues to flourish.

“It feels great because part of my career. I’ve been attacked saying ‘He’s not that good’ or ‘He’s not that good’ or ‘You can’t compete with anyone’ or ‘You can fight Tomatoes.’ So I always get negative feedback. Because of how good I am in these big fights,” said a bitter-voiced Crawford. Which, like some older generations, is digging into the past and making a big deal about it.

That Crawford still feels the bitterness of not being honored by victories over his lackluster past opponents. He sounded unhappy with the victory over Spence.

You can’t blame boxers for not praising Crawford for his past victories. Because he fought against lower level opponents like Amir Khan, Jeff Horn and David Avanesyan.

“A lot of people want to see me fight in some fights. But as I said in the press conference. I have never fought in any fight. and professional I always win with flying colors,” said Crawford.

Truth is, fans don’t want Crawford to struggle in his past fights. They want him to step up and start fighting quality opponents. which he hasn’t done in his 15-year career.

“I’ve never had such a close match. I’ve never had a race where you question whether I won or lost. So when you are much better than your opponent It makes your competitors look inferior to you. So everyone felt as if I wasn’t fighting the competition because of how well I was doing.

“To be able to perform better than me in my last fight they said these guys were tomatoes and they were on the hill and they were blown away and the cargo was damaged. It’s more satisfying because of me. Being able to look back and say, ‘OK, what about this guy you said would beat me? I’ve performed at a higher level than I did with what you guys say canned tomatoes.’

“So it’s a great feeling. And it was the wonderful taste in my mouth that I could say. ‘What’s next?’” Crawford said.

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