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by Jim Calfa: Stephen Espinoza says the fight between IBF welterweight Boots Ennis and undisputed champion Terence Crawford is the biggest match that can be done at 147.

Jaron Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs) could be the best option for Crawford if he wants to fight again this year. Whether he fights or not, sit back and wait until 2024 to face Errol Spence Jr., Tim Tszyu or Jermell Charlo.

If Crawford felt Ennis is inferior to him in terms of popularity.He would miss the payday and the opportunity to increase his star power. It would be better for Crawford to fight Boots instead of sitting around waiting for Spence or Charlo.

Espinoza, who works for Showtime, thinks the rematch between Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) and Spence Jr won’t happen until 2024.

Crawford wanted to fight Jermell Charlo, but he had an undisputed lineup against super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez on Day 30. September and there’s no telling what will happen.

Crawford vs. Spence could be rematched in 2024.

“When there is such a violent quarrel. Make sure you don’t rush him back. maybe early next year Maybe late next year or early next year if that happens.” Stephen Espinoza told Hardcore Boxing News of the Crawford vs. Spence match.

Spence should take a break from fighting Crawford and return to the ring to regain confidence in early 2024. It’s important for Spence to figure out the best weight class for him. because it may not be 154

If Spence is better at 160 or 168, he needs to find that in camp and pick an opponent from that division. Instead of trying to fight at 154 and enter the competition halfway through losing weight,

“I don’t know where Crawford is in his career. Whether he needs two more bouts or not,” Espinosa said. “He’s pretty clear that what excites him the most is the Jermell fight. Possible Charlo,” Espinosa said of Crawford. “We will see what happens with Canelo. [vs. Charlo] and see how it is.”

Crawford should last long enough to fight Spence, Germell and Sue again. He was apparently going to offer Canelo Alvarez to fight him in the catchweight division. The Mexican star will be fired immediately.

Is Crawford’s victory in his head?

A big win over Spence wasn’t enough for Crawford to fire on Canelo or Gervonta Davis. He turned his ego into another universe. It fascinated him with greatness and made him think he could set terms with a star like Canelo.

Like many fighters having their first taste of big money. They just want a similar payday. So they sat and waited. Looking for big paydays and idle for long periods of time, Andy Ruiz and Gennadiy Golovkin are two outstanding examples of fighters who sit and wait for the big fights to fall in their laps and break fights often.

Their popularity has waned. They missed a lot of payday. And they never get the big fight they’ve been waiting for. Crawford looks like he’s one of those fighters. He would reject quality fights that would increase his popularity like Boots Ennis, and he would sit around doing nothing.

“Some of this can be determined by the market. If Crawford thinks he can punch Charlo on a bigger pay-per-view. He could have gone that way,” Espinosa said. “Part of it is his judgment of what will sell the most on pay-per-views. That will determine the biggest payday,” Espinoza said.

Crawford-Boots = Best punch at 147

“At the same time he [Crawford] It is the undisputed champion and has a duty to force,” Espinoza said. “The IBF has a force to come. [Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis]. There are others that need to be ordered.

“WBA, whether Stanionis is aligned or not, and IBF, Boots are aligned. That’s the prerequisite for To make sure guys like Boots get a chance, I think that’s one tool Boots can use. If not, let him shoot his name with someone else.

i love fighting boots I think it’s the best fight that can be done. wrestler section That’s thrown up. You combine Thurman, Boots & Crawford. Two of the three fights are top-level fights.

“I haven’t spoken to Crawford about it or his team. See what he said in public. It’s pretty obvious. His favorite is probably Charlo. If this cannot happen It was a big fight at 147,” said Espinosa.

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