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Spain and Sweden met in the World Cup semi-finals, both with the goal set to be in the final.

The former needed extra time for the Netherlands to score after conceding in stoppage time. But Spain got a winner in extra time to come here. It was a tournament of ups and downs for them as they looked dominant in most of the tournaments. But there was a time when teams took advantage of the opportunity to transition Sweden will be the best team they have seen in this World Cup. So let’s see if they are ready for this event or not.

Sweden beat Japan 2-1 The Swedes showed their mettle by dominating a relatively weak group and then defeating tournament favorites USA in the round of 16 for the third round in a row. They will take on the role of underdogs. And they have shown to be very talented in that role.

Sweden performed incredibly impressively against some of the most impressive teams in this World Cup to date. that is japan They fully dominated the game. Spain scored the first 13, controlled possession of the ball. Invade regularly into the Japanese penalty area And using his athleticism to win many set-pieces in the air

They have now shown throughout the group stage and against Japan that they are a team that can control possession. Create and create opportunities at the top level. But also sit and defend on the low block. That’s a big deal for this match. Because they won’t be in possession of the ball for the most part.

Sweden have shown an incredible ability to create danger from transitioning chances and set-pieces. which are two of Spain’s weakest points.

Spain were dominant throughout this tournament outside of their match against Japan. When they are still almost unbeaten in xG battles, they lead the Women’s World Cup with a margin of +14.1 xG in five matches. However, they are yet to play against a team at Swedish level. against Switzerland, who have developed a slow ball possession style and are also a team that needs the ball to be successful. They then played the Netherlands, another team-building style team without two of their best attacking players.

We talk about Spain time and time again. when they don’t have possession of the ball they really don’t know what to do And it might put them at a disadvantage. Just like it almost did with the Netherlands.

The Dutch had no business delivering the match in extra time. Until the 84th minute, Spain were on the winning side 17 to 1 and had 61% possession. They didn’t take their chances and nearly killed them. against a better team like Sweden They would probably go home if it happened again.

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Spain vs Sweden

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The two played a friendly in October 2022 and it was a chaotic game. It ended in a 1-1 draw with Sweden scoring first. Then try to sit back. Spain ended up winning battles xG 2.3 to 1.7 with a total of 34 matches between the two sides.

I don’t think we will face anything like that today. But if Sweden scores a goal quickly I think we have a good chance of chaos.

Sweden is only the second dangerous transitional team Spain will face at this World Cup. And the first team was Japan who ripped them to shreds, so I like Sweden’s +0.5 value at -127 via BetRivers to at least get this match in overtime.

Pick: Sweden +0.5 (-127)

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