Simona Halep withdraws from US Open after doping suspension


  • Simona Halep, 31, has been temporarily suspended since October 2022.
  • She tested positive for hemostatic roxadustat at last year’s US Open.
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Simona Halep, former Wimbledon champion Dropped out of the Grand Slam US Open later this month.

Halep, 31, was automatically removed from the list at the Monday deadline – just a week before the tournament was due to begin – because she was suspended for doping.

Halep was suspended for almost a year. This was back in October 2022 after she tested positive for the blood-doping drug Roxadast at last year’s US Open.


However, the former French Open champion unknowingly denied receiving such substances. She claims she has been tested 10 times since she came back positive. all of which turned out to be negative.

Players may not compete or participate in any activities. sanctioned during the temporary suspension

Simona Halep, former Wimbledon champion Withdraw from the US Open

American Taylor Townsend will replace the Romanian in the main draw for Flushing Meadows.

Her last court appearance was at the 2022 US Open on August 29, when she was knocked out by Daria Snigur in the first round.

She was hit with a second anti-doping charge in May and has since dropped out of the WTA top 1000.

Halep has vehemently denied knowingly taking a banned substance. and said she had evidence that small amounts of anemia medication entered her system from contaminated licensed supplements.

Halep said she submitted evidence of the contamination to the International Tennis Federation in December and hoped her case would be heard in an independent court in February. But it was postponed and the new March date was also postponed.

in may Halep was charged with further violating the tennis anti-doping program and was asked to be convicted again by an independent court.

after the second charge Halep made a furious statement on social media. In which she accused the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) of “harassment” and “motivated to prove I was guilty of something I had never done”.

‘Since October 7, when I was charged by ITIA with suspicion of doping. I live like the worst nightmare I’ve ever had in my life,’ she says.

Halep suspended after testing positive for banned substances

‘Not only does my name have to be tainted in the worst way possible. But I’m still faced with constant decisions from ITIA for reasons I don’t understand. To prove my guilt as I never even thought of taking any illegal substances.’

‘I tried twice to have the opportunity to be judged by an independent tribunal and ITIA has consistently found reasons to postpone it.

‘Now we can clearly confirm that I was a victim of contamination. So they have something called evolution in my blood that is not normal. 3 world famous experts who have studied my blood test Obviously my blood was totally abnormal.

In 2019, Halep won the Wimbledon title. as she won the French Championship Open last year

‘I felt helpless in the face of harassment and the motive on their behalf to prove I was guilty of something I had never done. Once again, all my life I am totally against all kinds of cheating. It’s inconsistent with my values.

‘My only hope at this point is to have the possibility of eventually reaching an independent and impartial judge in the courts. That would give me a chance to prove my innocence.

‘I have full faith in justice and hope to finally be able to present my case at my trial, scheduled for late May, after numerous delays by the ITIA.

‘The support from my loved ones, the tennis world and the fans gives me the courage to continue training every day and fight for truth. I couldn’t be more grateful. Love Simona’

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