See also Hambletonian, the defeated favourite.

by Alan Levitt

Celebrity Bambino, who comes from Muscle Hill and from Celebrity Ruth by Archangel, is both Muscles Yankee’s pedigree and American Winner’s pedigree, which in this kid’s opinion has something that may more or less have to do with his abilities on the court. race, he was also a favorite at the recent Hambletons.

as a quick reminder when the sum of the generations where the same horse name appears twice is 6 or less. That horse is technically described as Inbred.

When the sum of two generations with the same horse name appears twice, i.e. 7 or 8, the horse is technically described as a linebred.

When no horse name appears twice in any generation for a total of eight or fewer, any horse breed technically described as outcross.

What we are describing here RE: Bambino celebrity is his genotype or genetic composition. How strong it will be is not known until he puts on his boots and has grandchildren on the track. but for our purposes as a breeder Our goal is to predict the stallion’s future success before he actually leaves the track.

There are two aspects to the horse’s composition that need to be considered. They are his genotypes, briefly mentioned above. Another is his appearance. which describes a live horse and his successes on the track, or lack thereof.

The greatest purebred of all time is Federico Tesio of Italy. He was European Champion for 50 years and his masterpiece is the Invincible Champion Ribot.

Tesio believes the intelligence of a 2-year-old is the most important factor in predicting future racehorse success. Since he was operating between the First and Second World Wars, records have been spotty or even non-existent at times. Find those horses, though, they’re pretty vague. They made future bet winners for him to practice.

I profess the same belief as Federico Tesio in predicting a horse’s potential while it is still on the track. It’s the intelligence of a two-year-old that gives a breeder the best insight into their future success as a breeder.

However, today our business also has a trade side to play a role. While this kid believes a stallion’s success in stud is predetermined by his ability to race at 2 years old, the rest of our world is focused on the 3-year-old racing season by There is Hambleton as the Holy Grail.

Major farms turned their attention to Rebuff because he was not replaced in the Hambletonian, although this featured a 2nd and 3rd Kentucky Futurity win, so Rebuff had to stand in Indiana on a good farm. But not a farm with a big name in the country.

I predict Rebuff will not only tear the roof off in the Indiana Sires Stakes program, he will send the top contender out in the Grand Circuit Stakes, even if he is not treated like the mare he would like. at the big farm so there

Back to the famous Bambino and his pedigree. He originates from Muscles Yankee 2v4 and he originates from American Winner 3v4. his on the racetrack.

The fact that the famous Bambino ran hard 2nd and came back 3rd in top form is a tribute to his trainer Ron Burke. But he gave his top horse the personal benefit of his good riding skills.

What does all this tell us in the end? i don’t know about you But it tells me that the famous Bambino will be the top father and anyone lucky enough to stand with him please put Walnut Hall down for reservations in the first year.

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