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Rodriguez, Russell and Maestre won big over the weekend. Here are 3 things we know after watching. Rodriguez vs. Lopez Card – Cruz, Marshall, Navarrete, Valdez, Santiago, Pictures, more!

by Paul R. Jones! Here are my top 3 takeaways from Saturday. Showtime Championship Boxing®: Rodriguez vs. Lopez Fight tickets at MGM National Harbor in Maryland:

1. Emmanuel Rodriguez Beat Melvin Lopez, but at what price?

Emmanuel Rodriguez (22-2, 13 KOs) Claimed the IBF bantamweight world title for the second time of his career after a five-year hiatus. Melvin Lopez (29-2, 19 KOs) Lost 3 times in the final. and close the scorecard This was a bad night for ‘Manny’ from a statistical and practical standpoint.

For example, Rodriguez punches 389 times in 12 rounds (SHOSTATS), averaging about 32 per round. In televised ESPN. Emmanuel Navarrete More than 1,000 fights Oscar Valdez (COMPUBOX)in a battle of the year candidate.

And while Rodriguez’s performance is admirable (44% of his punches hit) and he wraps the show up in style But Puerto Ricans don’t seem willing to take the risk. In fact, both fighters seem to be stuck in neutral for a good fight.

Also, the boos from the crowd in the finals didn’t help.

Of course, tango takes 2 sessions, and the lack of continuous movement may be due to Rodriguez’s severely swollen eyes.

However, more importantly, Rodriguez’s performances like this are unlikely compared to other bantamweight champions, including Takuma Inoue (18-1, 4 KOs) and Alexandro Santiago (28-3-5, 14 KOs).

On the bright side, Rodriguez becomes 4.Thai Current world champion from Puerto Rico. He also made it clear that his top priority was a unified match against Santiago. That would be a boxing triumph if it happened. Abner Mares And SHOWTIME analysts said it was “. . . left wanting more.”

Rodriguez, Russell and Maestre Win Big - Boxing Results

2. You should be pretty bullish on Gary Antuanne Russell.

Gary Antoine Russell (17-0, 17 KOs) Notify the super lightweight division Throwing away unbeaten opportunities in the past Kent Cruise (16-1-3, 10 KOs) in one round

Not just victory It was how Russell carved Cruise’s middle section that made the jaws freeze. Russell’s body-grabbing tactic was a major success. It shows that targeting the body can be a knockout punch in and of itself. Make believe the old boxing adage that “kill yourself, kill your head”, it is a continuous physical attack that lets future opponents know that If they decide to skip their abs/core day at the gym. They will do so at their own peril compared to Russell. Especially if his enemies plan to go the distance with him .

Put simply, despite flying under the radar of most boxing pundits and laymen alike. Russell passed an eye test. by checking every square for a fighter that is about to break.. Fortunately, after doing well with Cruz. and with consistent advice from former world champions Gary Russell Jr. (31-2, 18 KOs) Gary Antuanne Russell’s Talent Revealed

3. Too Maestre, Too Fast for Marshall

in a bad night Master Gabriel (6-0-1, 5 KOs) Shows a young chance. Travon Marshall (8-1, 7 KOs) Exactly experience mattersAlthough Marshall was the favorite, Maestre proved to be too much. It’s too early for a “Sniper” to call himself “Sniper”.

The 36-year-old Maestre showed off his flair. By scoring two knockdowns, which ultimately knocked out in the second round. It’s a lesson for everyone: jumping into the ring with a seasoned fighter is like diving into deep water without learning to swim.

Marshall’s lack of Plan B cost him. And Maestre’s years of boxing knowledge and experience make it all seem easy.

Maestre’s victories awaken young fighters as well. Sometimes, experience is your best weapon.

Rodriguez, Russell and Maestre Win Big - Boxing Results

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