Rachel Stuhlmann, Paige Spiranac Of Tennis, Has A Message To Pickleball Noise Complainers

From complaints about noise that keep getting louder and louder And courts were shut down nationwide after citizens complained at a city council meeting. The world’s No. 1 tennis powerhouse, Rachel Stuhlmann, had a message for complainants saying good luck.

“Pickleball isn’t going anywhere, people are still finding ways to play it,” Stuhlmann told OutKick when asked about her reaction to the news that the courts were being shut down due to noise complaints.

Rachel Stuhlmann attends the Citi Taste Of Tennis New York at Cipriani 42nd Street on August 25, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for AYS Sports Marketing).

This week in Walker, Michigan, the city implemented a severe lockdown until further notice due to an “unauthorized pickleball game” at a city park. This created a headache for the neighbors who heard the oars hitting the pickleballs continuously.

not just a walker Michigan is taking drastic action in Lake Bluff, Illinois. The village and park district are fighting the use of pickleball courts. The village told the park district to suspend play due to public complaints. The Chicago Tribune reported that play was suspended for “a few days” only to be reopened.

Lawyers were soon called in to fight the case.

In an effort to find a solution to make everyone happy, the city of Mashpee, Massachusetts decided to close the courthouse this summer on Sunday. The closure lasted a few weeks. The city will now pay for a good study to determine if the complainant has valid points backed up by the code in the books.

Emotions escalated at a Mashpee game during the lockdown where pickleball players were accused of pushing through a locked door. It turned out that a neighbor called the police to kick the pickleball players off the pitch.

Meanwhile, Stuhlmann sees this as a big problem. She said this is isolated and will not affect the growth of the sport.

“People have the right to express their opinions and feelings,” Stuhlmann adds. There may be some kind of agreement agreed on the Pickleball curfew where pickleball play is stopped for a certain time so people can sleep in peace.”

But for homeowners in the “Pickleball Noise Relief” Facebook group, this isn’t just about trying to sleep at night. But it’s about the ball that won’t stop during the day and it drives them insane.

Susana Cruciana of Laguna Beach, California, claims she measured pickleball noise outside her home at 77-80 decibels before the city installed soundproofing around the court. On a balcony raised above the fence line, Cruciana said those decibels reached 90.

Does the Pickleball sound barrier work?

According to Cruciana, the barrier doesn’t work, she claims it’s “just as loud,” but now she’s dealing with “Echo effect”

“This is not a solution,” she concluded.

In exchange for Pickleball, a friend complains loudly, Susana appears to be defeated. “I’m really tired of Pickleball taking over every waking hour!😠” wrote a longtime local man.

The nightmare of Susana and the other pickleball complainers has just begun. sport is growing

According to the latest data, 36.5 million people played pickleball in the last year. This makes it the number one growing sport in the US. Between 2021 and 2022, the sport saw an insane 86% growth in the number of active players.

Based on the power behind the sport. It may take a massive court battle to close it out, as Stuhlmann told OutKick earlier this year. Sport is a freight train.

“It’s amazing how many people picked it up,” said the influencer. “I love that it’s a way for people to get out of the house. Stay active and have fun. Easy to access and generally picked up by people. I spent time with the Professional Pickleball Association community and it was full of happy, active and fun people. The tour had a great atmosphere and I loved how Pickleball made people happy.”

That happiness allows people to push through locked courts and play at any time.

good luck to the petitioner You have a fight on your hands.

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