Postecoglou detailed transfer plans after Kane left and why he hasn’t signed the striker.

Ange Postecoglou has explained how transfers at Tottenham will work with him and they won’t. “Go out there tomorrow looking for a number nine to replace Harry Kane.”

Spurs kick off a new era on Sunday with a trip to Brentford. When they opened the Premier League season without Harry Kane, who moved to Bayern Munich last Saturday With a £100m deal, which could rise to £120m with add-ons. On the same day, Postecoglou named the new captain in the form of Son Heung-min, with James Maddison and Cristian Romero as vice-captains.

Tottenham must now continue to rebuild their appearance to suit Postecoglou, but dare not suggest that the head coach now has £100m in his pocket in the summer transfer window when everyone will see the club from. north london coming

“Money in my pocket is depleted? I don’t have any money in my pocket. My wife did a great job making sure not to go there. That was harsh for my wife…. She deserves it. To spend. I mean, I’m pitting here!” joked the Australian.

“The market is the market. And it’s always been a market. That doesn’t mean you always have to be at that level, I understand, especially when you look at it this summer. Some trading business is in progress. Quite wild in terms of money in circulation

“But I still think there is value if you get the right players and you don’t always need to spend at the highest level. It’s about finding the right people for your football club. I think Madders is a good example. We don’t have to spend too much. And we have players who I think fit what we want to do perfectly.

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“From that point of view There are always top trades. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only way. And it doesn’t mean that’s the most important business you have to do.”

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