Oscar Valdez vs. Emmanuel Navarrete: Odds, Records, Prediction

Oscar Valdez grew up watching Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera battle each other (and many others) around the ring on their way to their eventual induction into the Hall of Fame. The greatest of the past few decades and with Emmanuel Navarrete on Saturday Valdez is looking for success and the excitement they deliver. Here’s everything you need to know about Oscar Valdez vs. Emanuel Navarrete, including odds. their statistics and predicting who will win

Morales and Barrera fought three times (in 2000, 2002 and 2004), the first and last being the Ring Magazine Fights of the Year. with a deadly opponent like Navarrete And he also wants to hold onto the Junior Lightweight Championship that his opponent currently owns.

“Those two fighters inspired me to be the fighter that I am today. Leaving something similar in history will mean the world to me,” said Valdez, a former two-division world champion. “I have more inspiration for this bout than any other bout. that I’ve ever faced People are excited about this fight. everywhere i go I get the same old question, ‘When are you going to fight Vaquero?’ [Navarette]?’ And that’s because we all know war is coming.”

The style between Valdez and Navarrete seems to be at odds. Some boxing observers expect the bout to be unmissable, and others believe it will be the best bout of 2023.

Count Navarette was a believer.

“People know that I hit hard. And I always fought like a charm,” he said. “Now against Valdez. I believe it will be twice as exciting. Valdez is an indomitable fighter. We can often see him moving forward with his fists.

“He said he would break my head. But let’s see who gets the head off first. Let’s see what Valdez has to offer. And let’s see how much he can endure. And how can I endure it too?”

Although the collection of Valdez-Navarrete Will be overshadowed by Terrence Crawford’s destruction of Errol Spence and Naoya Inoue’s stop Stephen Fulton. Might end up being the bout of the year 2023.

Here’s more on the Oscar Valdez vs. Emanuel Navarrete showdown that U.S. viewers can watch on ESPN and ESPN+ starting at 10 p.m. ET Saturday.

Oscar Valdez vs. Emmanuel Navarrete Odds

Valdez at -165 is a slight favourite. (You have to bet $165 to win $100) whereas Navarrete is the +125 underdog (win $125 on a $100 bet). While some observers believe this is a 50-50 fight, I think Valdez has an advantage over 60-40, which means his moneyline might not be valuable enough for me. But I’d pick Valdez who stopped at +350. If I were to pick Navarrete, I’d probably win him by a +300 decision.

If you are looking for a fun parlay. for boxing this weekend (And this is just for entertainment purposes) I might take Valdez to beat Navarrete at -165, Anthony Joshua stop Robert Helenius at -400, and Gary Ann. Tuann Russell stops Kent Cruz at -350 if they all reach their target. You will get a profit of $158 for betting $100. Actually, that might not be worth it.

Oscar Valdez vs. Memories of Emmanuel Navarrete

Valdez’s career has had some ups and downs, but certainly ups and downs. His only defeat was a wide loss against Shakur Stevenson in 2022, and he hasn’t performed. He was consistent in his victories, but Valdez (31-1, 23 KOs) also had key moments in beating Miguel Berchelt, Robson Conceicao and Scott. Quickg Valdez is not on the same level as Stevenson. But he is still world class.

Navarrete (37-1, 33 KOs) is a fighter to watch. And he’s very successful at 126 pounds, but I wonder if he’ll be effective at 130. In his first junior lightweight appearance in February, he was knocked out by Liam Wilson. before finally stopping him in ninth place to win the championship. It’s safe to say that Valdez is better than Wilson to some degree. Two key Dogbae came and although his resume is not as strong as Valdez’s. But he was still a dangerous fighter.

Oscar Valdez vs. Emmanuel Navarrete Prediction

Valdez faced better competition than Navarrete in their careers. And he’s been a full-fledged 130-pound fighter since 2019. Navarrete is expected to be aggressive. And perhaps he was leading the scorecard throughout the first half of the fight. But I like the power of Valdez in beating Navarrete. And I think he should have scored in stoppage time, say Valdez by TKO in 10.Thai round.

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