New rules for UFC fighters will change the game completely

New rules for UFC fighters will change the game completely

Imago | USA TODAY by Per Haljestam

UFC fighters who feel they’ve got a raw deal after being fouled or accidentally poked in the eye have been relieved by the rule makers.

ABC created two new rules that will impact the UFC at last week’s meeting.

We reported on a presentation by MMAFA at the Association of Boxing Commissions annual meeting last week. But there were other big developments as well.

Erik Magraken reports that the Association of Boxing Commissions has approved two important new rules. (and clarifying the third), which will definitely affect the action in the Octagon.

It has long been a known issue in MMA that the rules for inadvertent eye-popping and deliberate fouls put the offending fighter at a disadvantage. It was finally implemented.

Fighters will have access to the Severed Man after being cut by a foul or accidental headbutt.

Change to Rule 1: “Whether the clipper may be prone to being clipped due to a foul during the round. (as opposed to during the round)”

from Magraken video posted on X (formerly Twitter):

“When there is a foul – whether it’s a head collision. Or is it an illegal beating and (a boxer has) a cut? Now the fighter will have up to five minutes to recover from that cut. during that time An injured person may enter the ring or cage and may heal their wounds. They can’t take care of anything else. but can take care of wounds

Under the old rules, “a boxer must return to the fight, complete the round, then only the disqualified can enter.” That person has more chances to continue.”

Fighters will have more time to recover from eye poking before undergoing a medical examination.

The second rule covers eye-popping:

“Clarification on how umpires and field medics should work together after an eye poke foul This clarification will help ensure that certain matches are not ended prematurely after a foul. without giving the fighters enough time to recover.”

Magraken explains:

“When an eye nudge occurs, it will run out of time. And fighters have up to 5 minutes to recover. But this is a new difference.

Firstly, “staff can cold compress (jab) the fighter and possibly the eye to give a minute or 90 second recovery time. and if possible The medic should not immediately shine a light on the fighter’s eyes and ask, ‘Did you see that?’

under current rules “The answer is often no. They didn’t see it right away. Then call a battle instead.”

The new rules are designed to “Give boxers time to recover and give them the tools to recover. Then have the doctor take a quick look at things, but don’t immediately ask about vision.

“Let the fighters (with the most time) in those 5 minutes, and then ask if their vision is obscured. and if so Of course the battle will end. But if not They have a fair chance to recover.”

separate stationary fighters

Rule Three approves a language code, at the referee’s discretion, for when stationary fighters should be separated.

“Positioning fighters to restart after foul warnings. Physical examination or deduction of points:

“Intent: Fighters should not be allowed to improve their positions from fouling.

“When a fighter in a position at a disadvantage is fouled and the referee must stop the action – if reasonably practicable. The fighter should return to the position after the warning time, physical examination, or deduction of points.

“When a fighter in a favorable position receives a foul and the referee must stop his action to warn Medical examination or deduction of points. Fighters who lose a foul should lose their advantage when the bout resumes.

“Please note that the words “advantage” or “disadvantage” do not always mean above or below. An example would be a fighter with a strategy of avoiding standing and pulling his opponent in to defend in order to increase the chances of surrender. If a top fighter fouls It might be more appropriate to return them to their ground position.”

Clarifying how a referee can reset a fighter’s position after a foul

The fourth rule was discussed.

“The essence of the rule is that fighters should not be disadvantaged by fouls. And fighters shouldn’t be disadvantaged by fouls on them.”

Here are the rules (changing step #2, it’s just a table and not down voted):

Screenshot 2023 08 13 time 18.21.24
Screenshot 2023 08 13 time 19.14.56
Screenshot 2023 08 13 time 19.15.52
Screenshot 2023 08 13 time 18.21.40

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