MLB DFS Picks: DraftKings Plays and Strategy for Friday, August 11

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after bright thursday Friday will be packed with MLB action, with all 13 games played at 7:05 p.m. ET or later. Thursday, you may struggle to find lineup options. But on Friday you have a lot of decisions. Here are my suggestions to help you make those decisions.


Corbyn BurnsMIL at CWS ($11,200): As the Brewers compete for the NL Central title, Burns has turned his game into part of that mission. In his last seven starts, he’s posted a 2.00 ERA with a 10.9 K/9 strikeout rate. 0.295

Andrew AbbottCIN AT PIT ($9,800): Abbott’s last few starts have been tough. But overall he has a 2.93 ERA in 12 starts. It has fallen to 24th in scoring and is required to avoid losing 100 seasons at this point.

Chris SaleBOS vs. IT ($7,900): The sale is expected to close the 60-day IL to begin with the Tigers on Friday. He showed up twice in Triple-A as a therapy and it was smooth enough. Left-handers have a hard time staying healthy. But he has a 3.68 FIP rating and a 10.83 K/9 in 11 starts this season. As for Detroit, it is battling two division rivals Kansas City and Cleveland for “honor” to finish 29th in points. But Detroit was pretty good finishing 29th in the OPS team.

ultimate goal

He has a .378 OBP and will set a new career high in stolen bases. Since he already has 23 bases, but what really stands out? Kyle Tucker ($5,700) This was the year he became a left-hander hitting left-handers. This season he posted 1.002 OPS in those matchups. Reid Detmers has a 5.49 ERA on the road, and this year he’s letting fellow winger hit .312 with him.

In addition to his MVP peak. Christian Jelich ($5,600) Going on to have the best season of his career, in addition to 16 home runs and 23 stolen bases, he’s recording a .922 OPS against rightfielder Michael Kopech. He allowed several walks and home runs. And that is the main reason why he has FIP 6.19. Yelich will be on base when Homer rounds him. Or maybe hit that homer.

bargain bats

although CJ Abrams ($4,400) There were holes left in the game, he stopped with 11 homers and 28 stolen bases. This makes DFS players happy. His power is moderate and his walk rate is low. But lefties have a .773 OPS against righties and a .756 OPS at home. Paul Blackburn hasn’t allowed many home runs, but he still has a 5.09 ERA on the road, in part because the winger hits .301 against him.

MJ Melendez ($3,300) Haven’t made much improvements this year, if any. He’s been hot lately because he’s had a .947 OPS the past three weeks. It’s mostly about matchmaking. A .400 batting average is a magical number. The winger hit .400 against Adam Wainwright this year. Yes, really. The veteran has had a horrible campaign, including a 7.81 ERA and 5.35 strikeouts per. Nine Opportunities for Good Measures

Division to consider

Dresses at Diamondbacks (Rhine Nelson): Juan Soto ($5,700), Ha-Sung Kim ($5,000), Trent Grisham ($3,300)

I believe in the general philosophy that if the pitcher has a significant house/street split There might be some noise, but any particularly bad number is a red flag. That led me to Nelson, who has an ERA of 8.01 at home. If you do that in any place, in any order of 48.1 innings, you have a problem on the mound. Nelson also hit just 5.90-to-nine, another San Diego trio’s favorite spot.

Soto is unofficially the type of player who can put up a .413 OBP with 24 homers. He’s strong against a winger and good at home. But lefties have a .991 OPS against righties and a 1.014 OPS on the road. A season without Ronald Acuna, Kim would be an MVP candidate, some of that is down to second base, but he has a .384 OBP with 15 homers and 27 stolen bases with a .884 OPS on the road. Grisham has a ho. 11 homers and 11 stolen bases, and he’s facing Bright Friday. Nelson lets the Southpaws hit .289 at him.

Dodgers vs. Rockies (Austin Gomber): Mookie Bates ($6,500), Will Smith ($5,500), James Outman ($3,300)

Gomber has made 3 good starts in a row, but I doubt he will continue to do so. He has a career 4.85 ERA, and this season the left-hander has a 5.25 FIP. Also, since joining the Rockies, Gomber has an upper 5.35 ERA. Road. So he can’t blame Coors Field for his misery, the Dodgers appear to be the favorites to bring Gomber back to Earth.

Betts has a 1.087 OPS against lefties, a 1.070 OPS at home and a 31 homerstaker lead. Yes to do, Smith slashes .277/.383/.467 as a catcher. He also has over .900 OPS against lefties. Over the past two seasons, Outman has 13 homers and 14 stolen bases. Gomber is left-handed, but his .766 OPS against Southpaws isn’t bad. On top of that, Gomber allows his left-handed friend to hit .368 at him.

Eagles and Twins (Dallas Kuchel): Tria Turner ($5,200), Nick Castellanos ($4,800), Alec Bohm ($4,700)

Keuchel posted a 6.35 ERA over the past two seasons. So I was a little surprised when the Twins gave him a shot in the rotation. Games are important to them! He only allowed one run in five innings against the Diamondbacks…but he allowed eight hits, two walks, and had one. center Cross it out, I think Keuchel got lucky and I don’t bet on that anymore. He’s left-handed, though, and one that struggles with the under paws. So I picked three right-handers in this stack.

Turner has had a tough campaign. But he had a 12-base homer, four triples, and 22 stolen bases as a shortstop. For what it’s worth, he has a .751 OPS against a winger and a .721 OPS at home. Castellanos made some improvements in his second season with the Phillies, hitting .276 with 20 homers and hit bases. steal seven bases He is backed by a .889 OPS against lefties and a .929 OPS at home. He couldn’t hit a fellow right winger. But he has posted a .896 OPS against the winger.

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