Mauricio’s every word Pochettino on Transfers, Moises Caicedo and Liverpool

How are you How are you preparing? And how do you feel before Sunday’s race?

I feel great I’m really excited to be back in the Premier League, really busy because it’s a very busy period with pre-season and everything, but I’m really excited to be here on Sunday to start the game.

What was it about Reece that made you give him the captain’s armband?

He is not just a player who can lead, his character, his qualities. he is present And he will be the future too. He’s from the Academy. for me and the club He is the perfect player. be the captain of the team

with Liverpool both on and off the field Any updates on Moises Caicedo?

I think you know me well I never talk about players that are not ours. I think I’m very respectable. I can tell you that we are working hard to add players to the squad, increase the quality if we have an update for you. The club will operate

For now, I’m not going to talk about players that aren’t ours. I think that’s very important to respect the club and all the players. Like any other club, we are working hard to try to increase the quality. And, of course, to strengthen teams and teams. We are working hard I am very happy with the way we are working with Paul Lawrence and the owners, the relationship is really good and strong. so far so good We are very happy to work in this way.

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