Manchester United is acting like a serious club in the transfer market.

Manchester United are buying the players they want and selling players who were considered surplus until this summer.

make reasonable decisions And that’s not the case with Old. Always Trafford Club business is refreshing and feels a little too good to be true. It was as if something bad was about to happen soon.

‘Why is my football club acting rational’, the fans are confused. They are used to making bad decisions. over the past decade because Ed Woodward made a number of mistakes during his tenure.

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Richard Arnold succeeded Woodward as Kingmaker in February of last year, and although some fans say it’s harder to get worse than his predecessor, his 18 months as CEO has been promising to date. this

The management structure has been tweaked and progress has been made on the pitch, much of it the work of Erik ten Hag, but it would have been harder for the Dutchman to succeed with Woodward above him.

Woodward was the club’s footballing right-hand man when he was unqualified to do so. He studied physics at Bristol University and is a qualified CPA.

Woodward’s tactics are always messed up. And Arnold was eager to distance himself from his predecessor upon his appointment. Therefore decided to step away from football to take care of the trade instead

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