KSI says there’s an 80 percent chance he’s boxing after beating Tommy Fury: ‘I’ll be the last boss’

KSI intends to beat Tommy Fury as a substitute in defeating Jake Paul.

It’s been over a year since KSI has been following Paul’s fight. It was a bout that was arguably the biggest bout in the history of powerful boxing. For KSI, the fight was the ultimate goal of his endeavors in the sport. He previously stated that he intends to retire once he defeats Paul. Unfortunately for the British YouTuber. He was still struggling to fight. So when he faces Fury The man who beat Paul earlier this year on Oct. 14, KSI then used it as an intermediary against Paul. which means It might be the last fight of his career.

“I’m here to fight Tommy Fury, to show the world I’m better than Jake Paul,” KSI said. MMA hours. “This is the level I have to go through. Do you know how many people said I wouldn’t fight Tommy Fury? Am I too scared to fight Tommy Fury? Am I not good enough to fight Tommy Fury? Alright, the battle is over. I’m fighting Tommy Fury, so what? ‘Oh, he’s about to lose anyway, it doesn’t matter, the chances are zero. Take all my money with Tommy Fury.’ I go in there and punch him. ‘Oh, it’s not a real fight!’ There will always be excuses. That’s just the game as it is. And that’s why I feel like after Tommy Fury, I might just leave it like that. Because I won’t go chasing after this guy.”

“I would say eighty percent. [that I retire after this]KSI continued, “How long have I been fighting Jake? And it’s just constant excuses and crazy. He tries to manipulate the audience into looking like it’s my fault. that I’m afraid to fight Jake When I was there it was like, ‘No.’ Let’s go. Let’s finally do it.’ I have a heritage tattoo on my back. This is why I do what I do. It was the last piece of the puzzle and he didn’t want to give it to me, so I was like, okay, cool, let me beat you indirectly by hitting Tommy.”

Of course, retirement is not set in stone. In addition to his boxing career, KSI is the contributor behind Misfits, a prominent agency in the influential boxing industry. As the biggest star in his promotion, KSI may find himself recalled to the ring even after his fight with Fury, but he’s adamant that he won’t do so to cash in on it. And future fights after Fury will be because something stands out to him.

“I said [there is an] There’s an 80 percent chance that I’ll stop. But if there was something that tempted me to want to fight again and it was a huge spectacle, I would have given up,” KSI explained. It must excite me personally. I’m not here to try and fight money. I don’t care.”

First things first, KSI had to beat Fury.

The two face off later this year at the AO Arena in Manchester, England, and while both KSI and Paul are traditional influencers turned boxers, Fury is on the other end of the spectrum. That’s Tommy Fury, half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. is an undefeated boxer who became influential after appearing on a reality TV show. love island and the biggest win of his career when he decided to part with Paul in the furious race they had been waiting for in February. in that fight Fury’s significant experience advantage proved to be a difference, but KSI believes that doesn’t matter to him.

“What drives me more is showing the audience. show everyone Show the world that whoever you are As long as you believe in yourself and work hard. You can literally do anything,” said KSI. “I want to prove to the world that Tommy Fury, a lifelong boxer, Coming face to face with me, KSI, a YouTube gamer, does all these other things, boxing here and there. Believe in yourself, work hard and I’ll be there, fight Tommy Fury.”

It’s a lot of confidence for someone who has only four professional bouts under his belt. And his most recent bout ended in no contest after he knocked out Joe Fournier with a bad elbow, but KSI has no lack of confidence. saying that not only would he beat Fury, but also by another knockout.

“You’ll see me knock Tommy Fury,” KSI said. “I don’t want to knock him. i need to Because I feel that will keep everyone quiet. If I win by points Everyone would say, ‘Wow, cool. Sick.’ But if I knocked him out. Everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s a goat, no one can converse with him.’ And at that point. I can walk around naked in the UK. no one can say anything Everyone was like, ‘Yo, that’s KSI, let him run around naked!’ [Laughs.]”

And once he has done that, what else is to be done? Because, as KSI puts it, he will be a super powerful boxer.

“When I knocked out Tommy Fury, I was the final boss,” says KSI. “Now I feel like the final boss is Tommy Fury. Tommy Fury infiltrates and takes that crown away from Jake. Paul, then I’m going to get it back.”

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