Joshua has the blueprint to defeat Wilder – is he brave enough to wield it?

Anthony Joshua has a complicated legacy. but not complete This Olympic gold medalist is a favorite of British boxing. Before the work and the results of the competition did not come out very well. Confirming the hidden suspicion that he was not the fighter many expected. But now he’s determined to prove he’s more of a boxer than a brand. Deontay Wilder’s legacy is totally simpler. The American boxer is probably the toughest fighter ever seen. He controls evil powers. But without the technical ability to win his biggest bout – the trilogy of fights against Tyson Fury, Joshua and Wilder now face the riskiest proposition of their careers: clash for years

It’s like boxing by walking a tightrope at a height of 1,300 feet without a harness to help you. One wrong move and the legacy of any one heavyweight will be irreversibly changed.

The tournament planned for Saudi Arabia this January. Not only is this the most explosive bout in boxing, But it’s also the fight that has the most charisma. There are arguments that fans would prefer this matchup over Joshua vs Fury, which seems to be a bit unbalanced, and Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk, which would be a showcase of sporting expertise. But it may lack the brutality that the audience seeks.

Corner one: Joshua, a two-time combined world champion with a 26-3 record (23 knockouts); The other one: Wilder, a former WBC champion with a 43-2-1 (42 KOs) record. Joshua, 33, and Wilder, 37, are two of the most devastating fighters of their generation. More technically solid, but the “Bronze Bomber” has an unchanged goal. That is decisively proven determination.

Joshua once had this same conviction. But was shaky after his three losses. Since being shocked by Andy Ruiz Jr TKO in 2019, Joshua has shown some embarrassment. Except for his defeat of Kubrat Pulev, this change was evident in consecutive points defeats against Yusek. Jermaine winning decision Franklin in April and even in the victory over Robert Helenius on Saturday before knocking out Finn in the seventh round. Joshua told coach Derrick James, “It’s hard to find a right hand,” despite the Englishman reluctantly reaching out to shoot. So it was right not to rush. But there was a feeling that he should have found an end sooner.

Still, it didn’t matter that it didn’t happen as quickly as Wilder versus Helenius. When the American rider knocked the 39-year-old unconscious in Round 1 in October. More importantly, Joshua’s erratic forward and sideways movement will expose him to the danger of Wilder dropping everyone he fights.

Joshua coldly defeated Robert Helenius in Round 7 on Saturday.

(Action image via Reuters)

Wilder knocked Helenius with the perfect counter-attack in October.

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“You can’t stand teasing Wilder. It doesn’t work on Wilder,” David Hay said Saturday. It should be said, though, that Joshua used that shot well at the O2 Arena. “I know that. [Joshua] There were only three or four rounds in the ring with Deontay Wilder before he got knocked out. AJ needed to think twice and sit back and play that game. And we won’t let that happen. Deontay is coming to send him to the next dimension. And that was his intention. When he doesn’t punch you, he punches you. The difference is in the violent side. Deontay uses hips and punches with more malicious intent than AJ.”

That might be an analysis bias. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. There’s a serious risk that Joshua won’t watch the fourth round against Wilder unless he can draw confidence from his own Helenius’ beautiful finish and discover the offensive edge that emerges. On occasions during his rise, when Joshua felt the end of Whyte in 2015, he couldn’t help but grin and slap his compatriot with a feigned raised right hand.

Not only does Joshua want revenge on Wilder. But also have to be on the offensive. Wilder has the ability to end that fight early. But so is Joshua. Wilder’s chin has held up well in 46 career bouts, and it’s going to take a lot for Fury to stop him in 2020. However, Fury relied on his increased punch power to beat Wilder in 2021, and “ Gypsy King” cannot crush an opponent like Joshua.

If Joshua can get himself close to Wilder’s range by avoiding the American loop and getting in direct – the defense by attack – he will have a good chance But he also has to be wary of the sneaky, short-range attack that Wilder takes Helenius to in other universes—the unstoppable punch. Which seems harmless now. James’ formation will be important to Joshua. which his thoughts will determine the style of fighting and perhaps as a result of it too

Joshua can beat Wilder, the question is, will he be brave enough?

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