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by Sean Jones: Jermell Charlo has a hand-picked list of his assassins who he wants to fight. After he defeated Super Middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez on September 30.

First on Jermell’s list is 168-pound WBC interim champion David Benavidez, who has been begging to fight Canelo for the past five years.

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Based on the way Jermel (35-1-1, 19 KOs) speaks, he won’t shun Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) for fearlessness. ‘Mexican Monster’

Jurmell’s hit list after beating Canelo:

1. David Benavidez
2. Caleb’s ‘Sweethands’ Plant
3. Terence ‘Omaha Fisherman’ Crawford

The fight against Crawford may take some time, though, as Jermell will likely face Canelo in the rematch before he moves on to face ‘The Mexican Monster’ Benavidez and ‘Sweethhands’ Plant.

We could be looking at 2025 or 2026 before Jermell fights Crawford and it’s unclear if little ‘Omaha Fisherman’ will still fight at that point as he will be about 38 years old and that’s pretty old.

If Crawford harasses and fights Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis, he may lose and be removed from Jermell’s killer list.

Jermell is where he needs to be.

“I think Tim Bradley has an aversion to many things that people When you dare to be great now You know you can’t worry about anything Tim. Bradley can talk,” Jermell Charlo told Fighthype about Tim Bradley questioning his punch resistance in moving up to 168 from 154.

“He didn’t even know about PBC boxing and what we possess here. And that’s why Al [Haymon] Yes, and he signed us. Oh, people will think and say what they want to say.

“I can’t go back to my life. Try to be that guy and try to figure out what he’s thinking. I just focused on myself. Stay focused on the game plan. and try my best

“It never happened because I was a risky fight. Slightly less rewarding But as I accomplish more and perform the best I can. I was able to get this position.

“It’s nothing new to me. [about Canelo rating Jermell as better than his brother Jermall]. I’ve heard it before. I fought a tough competition. And I heard today So I know that’s what he is. [Canelo] mean

“My brother is good, he’s a champion, but I’m always a little train that goes on.

It’s not the same. [Brian] Castano threw more punches than Canelo threw, though both were ahead. So that’s one thing they do very much in common. They come forward, Canelo shoots harder but a little slower.

“So I know Castano punches faster, basically like you said. I think Canelo started boxing at a young age, which is his pro record.

“I started at 17, he moves fast. And when you know the south and you go to mexico You will get multiple fights every week there. So they knew what they were doing right from the start,” Germel said.

Canelo is still great.

“They are doing well. And now we’ve arrived. He’s great,” Charlo said. “I don’t think so because I don’t see him flush. I just saw that everyone was paying attention to other people doing well because he finally got to the point where he was firm and calm in his skills.

“Losing Bivol and all that could change something for him. But I think he’s still a great fighter. he is like no other He has his own skills and his own style. And that’s what I’m going to have to deal with.

“I think Ring magazine and ESPN work together against me. they don’t like me They have a personal way that they feel about me. They create these rules as they go. They say you can’t leave for very long. and all this

“Boxing wasn’t like that when Floyd was going. Floyd will get some rest. He’s going to box here and there. He will do what he wants, and then when you don’t do what they ask. or you don’t give them love

“I don’t know. I’m rocking my belt. I express my gratitude I gave everything they asked for. I fought. I got hurt. And I can’t do anything but take a break.

“I want to go in there and continue to make money every year I am healthy and young. I don’t want to try to wait and see, but that’s okay. I don’t have a problem. I’m fighting another undisputed champion. I am happy with that,” Germel said.

Life is good for Charlotte.

“My life was good, I won, and I finally got the fight I deserved. “So when they know Ring magazine is coming back and apologizing, ESPN is apologizing and everyone else is. do what they do

“I don’t care, PBC is where it is. We’re in the big leagues here, you see, everybody’s here now. That’s where the focus is,” Germel said.

“It’s great. Everything I wanted from Al Hayman, he was there for me. Let’s fight; I’m ready to fight,” Jermell said when asked what he thought when he got the call offering him a Canelo fight. I have to get my shit right. But I have to fight

“Hands are good. Hands on perfection bro, thanks for asking. i am working on it I’m still doing therapy. I still do some treatment on it. and make sure they don’t have a problem when it happens.
come down to fight the night

“It made me realize that I was in the right place. And if I need more work I have a lot of work to do. But winning Canelo would make me one of the greats.”

“Then I fastened his belt. Then I had to fight ‘Mexican Monster’ [David Benavidez and I got to fight the Caleb Plants, and I got to fight all the big boys, right?

“So I’m going to have all the mother f***ers trying to fight me, and I got the little short Omaha [Terence Crawford]Yes, a fisherman, I think whatever you call him, a seineman,” said Germel.

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