Jamie Carragher slams Liverpool transfers as ‘absolute mess’

Jamie Carragher has once again blasted Liverpool’s transfer policy as his former club appear to have lost the signings of both Romeo Lavia and Moises Caicedo.

The Reds have agreed a £111m deal for Caicedo, only Chelsea will sign the Brighton star instead and the Blues are now favorites to land Southampton’s Lavia as well.

Chelsea confirmed the signing of Caicedo for a record £115m on Monday evening, while Lavia have rejected Liverpool in favor of West London in a £50m deal from Championship Saints.

Speaking on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports. Carragher said: ‘It’s all a mess! It’s a joke…shameful!’ – but refuses to blame the FSG owners.

First, he and Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville analyze Caicedo and Lavia’s head-to-head features.

Chelsea confirmed the £115m signing of Moises Caicedo on Monday evening.
Romeo Lavia turned down Liverpool for a move to Chelsea

Neville said: ‘Look at the statistics. Gaidedo is definitely better. [than Lavia] in all indicators He clearly has something to do with Lavia in terms of age.

‘He’s a bit better at tackling. Tackling a little bit better.’ He had better possession. But at Brighton you can expect also qualified for the third

‘These quick runs could be interpreted by Kaicedo playing at right-back. in midfield You may be able to stand more.

“If Chelsea buys both teams I think Liverpool will have a lot of questions. because of what happened last week.” This is not like Liverpool.

‘We know Chelsea spent big money. But beating Liverpool with both players would have been amazing.’

When asked where Liverpool would be if Lavia joined Chelsea, Carragher says the Reds are in a difficult spot. They need to buy someone in midfield. People knew they were desperate.

“They made an offer for Lavia today for £60m, even though they refused to pay £50m four or five days ago. it’s funny

“The biggest problem with that is that Liverpool knew they wanted to add in midfield since August last season, 12 months ago.

Gary Neville questions Liverpool’s decision to let key players leave without replacing them
Carragher said he ‘It’s unknown what happened behind the scenes’ after Michael Edwards (left) and his successor both left the club.

‘People think I’m defending FSG – I have no relationship with them. But this does not belong to the owner. This is the structure of the football club. When you look back two years ago, Liverpool were a role model for every team in Europe. It’s not just the Premier League that has to follow.

‘When Liverpool won the league Enter the Champions League What are Liverpool doing? They don’t spend as much money as other teams. But they are producing these players.

“Yes, they have a great manager. But they have a guy named Michael Edwards heading the club as director of football. Player Trading Committee It doesn’t matter what name you put in. it works fine

‘He’s gone. Then his number two (Julian Ward) takes his place. He was in the job for six months. Then he continued walking. You have to ask the reason why these people left the football club. I don’t know, I don’t know what happened behind the scenes.

“There’s a guy from Germany[Jorg Schmadtke]he’s in a relationship with Jurgen Klopp.” He’s only been there for the summer. That’s all he was there. Then he moved on. Liverpool will get a new director of football.

“So in 18 months Liverpool had four directors of football. They haven’t made a deal yet. That’s your job in that role to take the offer.

‘Two players bought by Liverpool have a buyout clause. no negotiations There’s no big deal to do. You just follow the terms of the loan.

‘Liverpool didn’t have an offer coming in. And it’s embarrassing.’ You start with Lavia, don’t pay a certain amount. Then you go to Caicedo, agree something, that’s why I won’t criticize the owner. They are willing to pay £110m and break their transfer record.

‘But went with him when he spoke to Chelsea for three months. Go back to Lavia now. It’s definitely a mess.’

Neville then weighed in on Liverpool’s problems. Noting that they decided to let key players leave Anfield without suitable substitutes waiting in the wing.

It left them struggling with performance. as they drew 1-1 with Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Former England and Manchester United defender United said “Not just that They let go.” [James] Milner, [Jordan] Henderson and Fabinho left before anyone could enter.

‘I think Liverpool are smart about making sure they get players before they reveal it.

“I understand that Milner has moved on. And they got two points for Henderson and Fabinho. But had to let both of them go. and ended up where they were.”

The Reds were 1-1 on opening day by Mauricio’s Chelsea. Pochettino in London

“We saw Enzo. Fernandez runs there from behind Mac Allister, you can see from the defensive midfield that Chelsea take the lead. The Liverpool midfield cannot hold the game.

“It’s a big problem right now. And they are panicking in the transfer market right now. And Liverpool didn’t do that under Jürgen Klopp. They were very smooth and efficient in the transfer market.

‘I don’t know how this happened. Obviously a personnel change.’

Liverpool return to Premier League action on Saturday when they host Bournemouth, who drew 1-1 at home to West Ham.

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