Jake Paul Speaks Netflix Documentary ‘Untold’ Chases Haters and Keeps an Eye on Cleveland Browns Stadium Boxing Match

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Jake Paul delivers a powerful punch.

A decade after being a teenager, Westlake – with his older brother Logan – moved to Los Angeles and conquered the internet as one of the first YouTubers with “The Problem Child” personality reinventing himself as a boxer. a legitimate who has a powerful right fist with his MMA bouts

Two weeks ago, 26-year-old Paul improved his record to 7-1 (4 KOs) by unanimous decision over MMA fighter Nate Diaz.

A few days before the race Paul goes from influencer to award winner as the focus of the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary series “Untold Vol. 3.”

We recently got in touch with Paul. (who was driving to Miami airport to catch a plane home for his mother’s 60th birthday) to talk about his unlikely journey. gaining respect and future fight days at the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Hi Jake, congratulations on your recent unanimous decision win over Nate Diaz. How are you feeling and what will you do next?

I feel amazing, just happy, comfortable, eating whatever I want. just enjoy life I am very happy with my performance with my team. It was an amazing and amazing event overall. So I’m grateful and will take some time now and figure out what’s next. Who will be next? when i will fight all those things I’m in no hurry I’m just enjoying that moment.

With your “Untold” documentary, how do you think it turned out?

It’s cool, I think there’s a lot more to tell. It can touch many things that already exist, many people like it.

The content does not shy away from exposing your troubled family. Hard to watch?

Not really, I’ve been dealing with it for 26 years, but it’s an interesting dynamic. I guess everyone has family issues. public life Everything will be displayed automatically. Especially my brother who is also a public figure. Of course, the people who documented this are obviously going to take advantage of things to get more drama and juiciness.

Considering that most of your life has been spent as a self-promoting marketer Is that what you understand?

Of course I get it. It’s the name of the game.

Jake “The Problem Child” Paul is the focus of a new episode of “Untold Vol. 3,” streaming on Netflix (Courtesy of Netflix).

Entering the sport as a true amateur Your boxing achievements are impressive. Do you remember the exact point in the last five years when you realized you could really handle yourself in the ring?

That moment came after my first professional fight. When I got knocked out in the first round My coach used to tell me, “Oh, you have a lot of energy, you’re really good, you’re really fast.” I didn’t know that myself. After I stopped him in the first round, I was like, OK, they’re getting serious. I feel really good That’s really easy. That’s when I was like this. I have an innate talent and ability for this.

It’s crazy to think that 5 years ago, your time as a YouTube personality and influencer seemed to have come to an end. You are now the head-turning boxer in the sport.

It doesn’t make sense, but I’m this person in 2018, which doesn’t fit the world I’m in. I felt lost and tried to find a way. So it seems very surreal, but I actually think boxing takes me back to my roots in Cleveland. It’s like wrestling is my thing. It gives me purpose. make me a routine make me disciplined And it gave me no problems. It feels good. I like everything about it. And boxing is like wrestling — weightlifting, work ethic, all of this.

Even as a man who likes to be hated But the documentary highlights the great reception from the boxer called you fighter YouTuber and boxing celebrity influencer. How hard is it to hear them say you’re ruining the sport?

I’m used to people suspicious of me and failing to see my true intentions. So it’s like another story. Really knew I had to show the boxing world what I was going to do and how serious I was. But of course they want to protect their sport, which is understandable. My goal is to increase the sport of boxing and make it a better place. So for me it was a fun challenge. You must be challenged in life and you must prove others wrong. That’s what makes it sweeter in the long run. I believe that’s what I do.

Jake “The Problem Child” Paul is the focus of a new episode of “Untold Vol. 3,” streaming on Netflix (Courtesy of Netflix).

The biggest change in opinion came from Mike Tyson, a former resident of northeast Ohio. who used to ridicule your boxing early on At the end of the documentary He calls you his hero. How do you feel?

It doesn’t make sense, it’s surreal, a dream come true. I can’t imagine this in a million years. he is my hero Like he’s such an amazing person. I looked up at him. He’s so smart. He’s been through a lot and is still number one. Having him sign me like that is crazy. I always say if I can achieve these things in this sport in three and a half years. There’s no reason people shouldn’t do the same. coming from westlake Taking over the world (expletives) in many ways with my brother. That should inspire other kids. There do the same. Chase your dreams and don’t stop waiting for anyone.

Considering you’ve been gone for almost a decade. Do you still feel like a Clevelander in your heart?

Of course – work ethics. chip on my shoulder from Cleveland Everything is given, nothing is given. We collect that and that remains a big part of who I am and what I like. Just as I did, culture, the people of Cleveland are very respectful, extremely nice, but at the same time very patient and (expletive) off-guard, and Cleveland’s food is amazing. I always look forward to coming home. I’m a big foodie – that’s still part of me.

You said earlier that you were searching for what would happen next in your boxing career. What about the fight at Cleveland Browns Stadium?

This is definitely going to happen before I retire. Other people just mentioned that to me actually, I want to make it happen. We have spoken to the field. So it’s highly likely that this will happen at some point.

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