Jake Paul Reveals $10 Million Revenge Plot To Force Nate Diaz To Betray Dana White And Get Him To Join The PFL Instead Of Returning To The UFC

Timeout for a boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz It’s the start of something big. Paul recently revealed that the two will face off in an MMA fight. Aug. 5 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The competition was fun. And it was Paul who won a unanimous decision against the Stockton residents.

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As the bout reached round 10, Nate Diaz trapped his opponent with a choked guillotine. It is an illegal move in a boxing match. But Diaz decides to have fun with Paul. Many considered the 38-year-old’s move to be the biggest highlight in their showdown. According to Paul, he was unable to use any counterattack against Diaz as they were having a boxing match. The story ends with Paul calling a former UFC legend to an MMA showdown, and now the most important question arises: Is Diaz ready to fight Paul in MMA?

Jake Paul reveals Nate Diaz’s stance


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Jake Paul recently appeared on the boxing legend’s podcast. Mike Tyson. During a conversation with ‘Iron Mike’, the 26-year-old revealed his plans for the future. This includes fighting Diaz in an MMA tournament. He said, “I have an idea. There was a $10 million offer for Nate to go to the PFL and fight me in the cage.He further clarified that similar to him, even Diaz is ready for MMA.Yes, I’m in a bad mood… Looks like he’s about it. I think since I beat him because* he wanted that. He wants that back.

Paul revealed he offered Stockton residents $10 million to fight him in MMA. ‘The Problem Child’ selected the promotion of UFC rival, PFL for an epic clash, and Diaz agreed. that Many expected Diaz to return to the UFC after making her boxing debut. However, now Paul has made it clear that Diaz has betrayed. Dana White Because he will continue to fight in the PFL. The former UFC star seeks revenge after losing to Paul in a boxing ring. He was ready to fight Diaz in MMA after six months.


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‘Problem boy’ admits Diaz is a tough opponent

Jake Paul considers Nate Diaz to be a strong opponent. After a short fight between the two Paul admits he faced many challenges in the ring while battling Diaz. According to him, the former UFC fighter is a super endurance athlete. Paul detailed how he managed to hurt the 38-year-old in the first round, however, Diaz came back stronger and held on until the tenth round.

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Stockton residents are highly experienced MMA fighters. Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul has spent most of his career fighting in the UFC, so a MMA fight with Diaz is a huge challenge for Paul. However, he is sure he can beat him in MMA. Do you think a rematch between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul will happen? Is it true or not? If yes, who do you think will win the epic clash? Let us know in the comments below.

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