Jake Paul knows he’s going to lose – GWOAT is serious about gender matches. reveals McGregor’s advice

Jake Paul knows he's going to lose – GWOAT is serious about cross-gender matching;  reveals McGregor's advice

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Claressa Shields recently re-signed with the PFL and has received advice and encouragement from two of MMA’s biggest stars. Having recently re-signed with the PFL, Shields is looking to get back in the cage and Conor McGregor and Cris. Cyborg has a conversation with the self-proclaimed GWOAT. She also mentioned her recent call with Jake Paul.

Claressa Shields was advised by Conor McGregor.

Shields last fought an MMA bout in October 2021, defeat at the hands of Abigail Montes at PFL 10. That would set her professional MMA record of 1-1 since she made her debut earlier that year at PFL 4. Remains undefeated in boxing with a perfect 14-0 record and is widely regarded as one of the best P4P in the world.

Claressa told TMZ the following:

“Conor McGregor texted me, Conor really gave me the best advice today. he is like ‘Don’t take your boxing. You have to be comfortable on your back and comfortable with your wrestling.’ That’s an honor and a privilege for me. So thank you Conor McGregor for that. And I look forward to working with him.”

Cris Cyborg can be a training partner again.

Shields says she is building a new team and has also made contact with Bellator’s Cris Cyborg. We will remember that Shields and Cyborg have worked together in the past. So a possible training union won’t be the first. Claressa helps Cris as she prepares to face Megan Anderson at UFC 214, but Megan will withdraw from the fight for personal reasons.

“[Cyborg’s] One of the strongest and toughest female fighters in the world. And she reached out. I might do some work with her, I don’t know.”

When asked about a possible time frame for returning to the cage, She predicts it will be as early as 2024, probably February or March. she said she wanted She said she would “hone her skills” more before stepping back into her role as an MMA competitor.

About Jake Paul and Keith Thurman

And if you’re wondering about Jake Paul, especially since they’re both signed to the PFL, she hasn’t retreated in the slightest with his boxing challenge. As a matter of fact She said she was serious and believed she could beat Jake Paul.

“I’m really going to fight Jake Paul, to be honest, and I’m going to win. He knows that.”

Jake Paul isn’t the only male athlete she’s called up either. Fellow boxer Keith Thurman is a familiar target for her. But she said she really wasn’t. A special calling is different.

“I’m actually going to box with Jake Paul, Keith Thurman. I’m just pulling a few chains. Do you know what I’m saying? I still think I can beat Keith Thurman in a real boxing match. But if he wants to compete in charity or whatever,” she said.

“The thing is, I had a really hard time approaching Keith Thurman because he said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to put Claressa in the ring. I’ll use one hand and I’ll wear bigger gloves. She can put on her head, Gear’ and it’s like, OK Keith Thurman, you’re a man and you’ve been a champion. But you’re not that great, so don’t underestimate GWOAT because Keith Thurman might be able to beat me in boxing. But he can’t beat me with one hand. Stop. Stop. Little one. The fans are very angry about this. So can I hold a charity match with Keith Thurman? Of course.”

Claressa Shields last fought in June against Maricela Cornejo. She defeated her opponent in a 10-round bout by unanimous decision. She retains the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, WBF and ring Female middleweight title

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