‘I’m Going To Prove I’m The Best In The Division’: Emmanuel Rodriguez And Melvin Lopez Head To IBF And Bantamweight Honors

Emmanuel Rodriguez and Melvin Lopez will battle for the vacant IBF bantamweight title Saturday on Showtime in a three-bout fight from outside Washington, D.C. in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

Rodriguez (21-2, 13 KO), a former IBF champion, believes he has had his fight checked. and he will be stopped.

“Since the fourth round I should have known what he had in store for me,” he said. “Then I felt like I could stop him between round four and seven.”

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Little-known Lopez (29-1, 19 KO) wasn’t much of a provocateur.

“I won’t guarantee a knockout. I am an animal that hunts its prey. I will try to get him where I want and no matter what. He said he was the best of the group. and he will try to show But I will do the same thing.”

More from Thursday’s presser:

Emmanuel Rodriguez

“I am more mature and experienced now than when I first got my position. I will be the fifth world champion from Puerto Rico right now. And that was a privilege. That was the goal in this battle.

“I guarantee I will come out with a win on Saturday. Because I’m the toughest opponent he’s ever faced.

“I will prove that I am the best fighter in the division. This will send a message to the other champions. That I’m here to stay

“I have received so much love and support from Puerto Rico. The island wants to see me fight and I want to repay all my love with victory on Saturday night.

“I trained in Mexico and it was my second home. They really support me. I owe them all to give all of me.

“Fans are going to see incredible performances and the best version of Emmanuel Rodriguez, I guarantee that.”

Melvin Lopez

“Victory will make me happy and proud of my country. And it will prove to me that all my hard work since I was young has paid off.

“He can say whatever he wants. talking is cheap Saturday night is where all the performances take place. He’ll have to back it up.

“I won’t guarantee a knockout. I am an animal that hunts its prey. I will try to get him where I want and no matter what.

“He said he was the best of the group. and he will try to show But I will do the same thing. I will try to show that I am the best on Saturday night.

“I’m going to give my all for the world title. We both really want it. For everyone watching on Saturday night I will do everything I can to bring the title home.”

Gary Antoine Russell

“People will see an A grade performance from me this Saturday. It feels really good to be back. Cruise will make the body as strong as possible. And I will do whatever is necessary to extinguish the fire.

“My knockout streak is good. But the goal of this sport is to keep winning. Knockout will be a notch on my belt and I plan on getting it. But it’s not a burden on my shoulders.

“It’s up to me to perform at my peak. We have to perform everything at the highest level. That’s what made me victorious.

“He can expect pain. It’s a painful business. Someone has to go ‘0’ at the end of the day. I’ll take off my hat and pay my respects. But I will show everyone that I do it for art. i love this sport

“I came back to my hometown and represented my region. If I study with good grades I’m going to make my family look good, right? that is the purpose People will say I’m a beast.

“The pressure ruptures the pipe and turns it into a diamond. If anything, I am comfortable fighting at home.”

Kent Cruise

“Beating Russell would mean everything for my career. This is the battle we’ve been waiting for. This brings out the best in me. And it will allow me to increase my level and abilities.

“People will be surprised. We had a great camp and brought out an old Kent Cruz. I will shock the world on Saturday night for sure.

“This is the third southern paw in a row. Therefore, we have been training the southern paws for a long time. It’s easier for me because we just keep what we’re doing. I like southern combat because it makes it easier for me to set up what I want to do.

“I feel like he puts more pressure on him than me. because he fought in his homeland I just had to do my part and win on Saturday night. We will do whatever we can.

“I will shock the world. people are overlooking me But I will definitely wake them up.”

Travon Marshall

“The 147 pound division is about to open up. And there are many great trends coming up. It’s time to see who’s going to win.

“Victory over Maestre will give me a place in the division. The fact that I’m so young and fighting two Olympians, that’s amazing.

“Me and my team are prepared for anything. Make sure you come on time on Saturday night. Because I’m going to kick him out of there.

“He has never faced anyone like me as a professional. It has completely different abilities here. People would say that this young man was the one after this battle.

“You’re going to see outstanding performances from up-and-coming actors coming out of nowhere. They will know my name after Saturday night.”

Master Gabriel

“He has to be ready in every round because I’m going to win. I know he’s young and hungry. and he is fighting at home But I’ve prepared myself for all of that.

“The fans are the real winners. Because this will be a real spectacle and a memorable fight for all to watch.

“I’m too motivated to fight. American fans love to see brawls. And I’m going punch-to-punch with Travon, it’s going to be fun.

“I respect what Marshall said. But really talking takes place inside the arena He didn’t fight anyone like me, and he didn’t know what he was preparing.”

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