‘I’ll slit your throat’: Former boxing champion Amir Khan amid tangled sex scandal

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10 August 2023 | 09:16

The marriage of former world boxing champion Amir Khan and his wife, beauty influencer Faryl Makdoom. Shaked by the sex scandal that unfolded in July.

Things recently took a turn for the worse when she was accused of abusing other women linked to her husband.

The drama first came to light when The Sun reported last month that Khan had sex with a woman named Sumaira, a 25-year-old model bride from the UK, in May. during the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary, and begged her to take inappropriate photos.

Mak Doom angrily confronts Khan at their home in Dubai. according to news reports which reportedly apologized to his wife and admitted he had “made a mistake” to “hurt” her.

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom in Manchester United Kingdom in March 2023
Instagram/Fayal Magdoom

Khan also said that he “Willing to go to therapy to stop me from texting women who are not my wife.”

The couple, who have three children together, are reportedly dealing with marital issues after the news went public.

As for the latest? The Sun released a separate report on Tuesday that Makhdoom attacked another anonymous woman her husband met in Dubai over the phone.

In a recording obtained from the store, Makhdoom said: “If you contact Amir again, I will slit your f-king throat.”

The influencer, who has been married to Khan since 2013, allegedly told the woman that she hoped she would. “Died of Cancer”

“You should be afraid of me. But you should fear me,” said Makhdoom. “I hope one day you will die of cancer b—h, okay?

“Now. Go hang up. Close Fk immediately. Mute bh.”

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom in Scotland, UK In February 2023
Instagram/Fayal Magdoom

The phone conversation continues with Mak Doom accusing the woman of sleeping with a married man.

“I’m the biggest Asian. It’s okay, and women like you look at me,” Mak Doom said. “And you sleep with a married man — b—h.

“Did you see your status? Do you think you look like me? B—h, you wish you looked like me.”

Sumaira acknowledged The Sun’s story in a number of Instagram Story posts Tuesday.

last week Mak Doom has denied allegations that she threatened to destroy former BBC host Susie Mann. It accused Khan of texting her “seductive” and “sexually harassing” after the pair first met in 2016 when she held a concert in Manchester.

The latest news comes just weeks after Makhdoom addressed a sex scandal on social media.

Sumaira in June 2023

“Amir and Sumaira are adults communicating with consent,” Makdoom wrote on Instagram on July 16, adding that she was ashamed of it. “They don’t consult me ​​when exchanging messages. or they don’t consider or respect me when creating ‘Relationships’ … How to deal with my marriage and my husband is none other than anyone else’s. I refuse to make my marriage public.

“Sumaira decided to contact me directly after taking Amir’s phone number, sharing all his life stories and pictures under Amir’s clear advice not to text him while I’m around.”

Mak Doom concludes the message that she values ​​her children and shields them from the situation – and asks for respect and privacy in sensitive moments.

a few days later Sumaira responded to Mak Doom with a lengthy message on Instagram.

“I was in a very dark place,” Sumeira wrote, adding that she had received death threats over the situation.

Sumeira claimed in her records that Khan said his marriage to Mak Doom was “Business Agreement”

“When Amir Khan’s behavior was inappropriate and his lies became apparent to me. So I contacted Faryl Makdoom,” she said.

Sumaira also accused “Amir of lying and saying I sent him nude pictures and then blackmailed him for 20,000.”

She added that Khan and Mak Doom “Ruined my life” and negatively impacted my mental health. family life and her income

According to The Sun, Sumaira said that Khan “Reminds me a little bit of a sobbing story. To begin with, I felt sorry for him and thought he was lonely.”

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom in January 2023.
Instagram/Fayal Makdoom

Khan and Makhdoom split last month, according to The Sun, which reports that the pair split their time between their homes in Dubai and the UK while working on marriage.

Things seem to be fine between Khan and Mak Doom. Because they are still aligned on social media.

Khan surprises Mak Doom with a gray G Wagon wrapped in a giant red bow.

“A little present for @faryalmakhdoom,” he wrote on Instagram. Including a video of his wife driving her new car. “I know how much you like the G wagon, so I wanted to surprise you. Hope you like it 🙏🏼”

Khan also shared a happy birthday message to Mak Doom on Instagram in late July, writing: “Happy birthday Phareel. You deserve the world and more ♥️”

The pair made headlines last September. When Khan expressed his regret for accusing fellow boxer and former friend Anthony Joshua of having sex with his wife while the couple were in trouble in 2017,

It came after Khan and Mak Doom were robbed in London in April 2022.

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