I used to support Canelo Alvarez and Anthony Joshua, but I’d love to host celebrity boxing matches for Roy Keane or Graeme Souness.

Eddie Hearn spent his life with an elite boxer.

Matchroom Sports president helped Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez become the first undisputed Mexican champion and made Anthony Joshua one of the biggest stars in sport.


Hearn is one of boxing’s best promoters.

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He inherited Matchroom Sports from his father, Barry Hearn.

during childhood He dabbled in ring legends under the guidance of his father, Barry Hearn, whom he shadowed for years before replacing him in 2021.

“My father was a promoter when I was eight or nine. I grew up with Naseem Hamed and Chris Eubank and Frank Bruno,” Eddie told Virgin Radio.

“I love sports and I love challenges. if i can do anything i want to play sports But I’m never good enough And this is like the next best thing about working in sports.

“Business is a sport for me. it’s a race And I love what I do.”

The 44-year-old brought boxing’s influence into the mainstream when he promoted KSI against Logan Paul in November 2019, and four years later, the sport is packed with celebrities.

Hearn recently insisted that traditional boxing should move away from dominant boxing after OnlyFans star Daniella Hemsley showed off her breasts after her first win in the square circle.

However, he would not refuse to promote more celebrity fights. While tech billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are ready to deal with their soulmates the old fashioned way.

“It’s the only thing that when everyone has an argument, they say, ‘Okay, I’m going to fight you,’” Hearn said.

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Hearn supports the YouTube user battle between KSI and Logan Paul.

He doesn’t like the influential boxing direction.

“And now you have the richest person. Two of the richest people in the world, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, talk about a boxing match or an MMA fight.”

“People often ask me if boxing is good or bad? And I said, ‘If I promote it, it’s awesome If not, it’s a lot of trash’ and I will continue on that path!”

Hearn said Manchester United legend Roy Keane was the person he would most like to see in the box. before adding that he wasn’t averse to seeing Graeme. Liverpool icon Souness puts on gloves

“I’m a big fan of Roy Keane. I like it when you watch Soccer Sunday and you see him arguing with someone,” he added.


He continues to promote celebrity fights. Especially if Roy Keane is involved.


Hearn thinks Graeme Souness can handle himself in the ring too.

“You look at some people and think, ‘He should be doing well’

“It’s like Graeme Souness, you look at him like that, that high nose… and you think, ‘He can go for sure.’”

For now, Hearn is fully focused on promoting true fighters. As Joshua prepares to meet Robert. Helenius at O2 Arena in London on Saturday night.

AJ was supposed to box Dillian Whyte this weekend, but ‘The Body Snatcher’ failed a drug test. and their eagerly awaited race was cancelled.

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The 44-year-old will promote Anthony Joshua to Robert Helenius this weekend.

Mark Robinson/Matchroom

AJ was supposed to rematch Dillian Whyte, but ‘The Body Snatcher’ failed a drug test.

“You need to find another opponent,” Hearn concluded.

“You have 30 people calling you ‘we’re going to fight but anyways we need 10 million thanks’ and you need to get to the bottom fast. You have to think with your feet.”

“AJ doesn’t, but another fighter might go down to Pizza Hut or have a pint of beer and say, ‘I’m not fighting anymore. This is nonsense’

“So it’s just dealing with the situation. He is a great pro.”

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