I am one of the new gladiators. but almost died because of Anthony Joshua exercises viciously.

Before the reboot of the legendary TV show Gladiators, one of the stars did a rigorous workout, even wearing protective boots.

Ella-Mae Rayner, who will be a ‘comet’ when the show returns, is a former gymnast and diver who previously competed in the University Cheerleading Championships. while she studied sports science

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Raynor, known as the comet in the Gladiators. Left knocking on death’s door after exhausting training.

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Former gymnast Rayner adores Jet and is following in her footsteps, joking that she is Jet 2.0.

Gym Enthusiast She wouldn’t let her ankle break. which is an injury that occurred while filming the show prevent her from practicing

She also decided to try Anthony Joshua workouts while wearing protective boots.

AJ takes extensive measures as he prepares for two fights before the end of the year.

He will meet with Robert. Helenius this Saturday and have a chance to clash with Deontay Wilder this winter

And part of his grueling workout went viral. Fitness enthusiasts flocked to see how they would perform when exercising like the 6-foot-6 former world heavyweight champion.

This includes Comet admitting exercise nearly killed her!

Place the crutches on one side and do the following:

battle ropes
Sled (obviously she couldn’t push the sled)
Kettlebell swing (adapted from a walking position)
ski equipment
Medicine Ball Slam
Kettlebell Romanian deadlift (modified from jumping)
Air bike (adapted from a mountain climber)
Ab crunch

Instagram @ellamaerayner

Comet had to adjust the session slightly due to an injury to her ankle, such as a slide.

Instagram @ellamaerayner

Her ankle was broken during filming. Her crutches are nearby.

Instagram @ellamaerayner

Gladiator contestants should be careful. Because nothing can stop a comet.

She wrote on Instagram: “I tried Anthony Joshua Circuit Training (slightly modified) and almost died.

“As if he did this nine times.”

So the fitness model encourages her 281,000 Instagram followers to get involved by telling them: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Repeat nine times – or as many as you can.”

While the Gladiators reboot has yet to be dated, But the excitement grew when he saw the return of the show.

The show became incredibly popular in the 1990s, with actors like Wolf, Cobra, Jet, and Hunter becoming familiar names.

IG @ellamaerayner

Raynor is a former gymnast and trains six times a week.

The epic ’90s show Gladiators is set to reboot.

Rayner is one fan who is now living his dream.

“I love watching gladiators grow up,” she said.

“I remember Jet. She was my icon since I was a kid. And it’s one of the reasons I became a gymnast.

“I can’t believe I’m following in her footsteps. It was really a dream come true.”

In filming the finale, Rayner was initially forced to rest and posted from her hospital bed: “During the filming of one game, I injured my foot badly.

“Multiple scans and X-rays later. I found that I broke my ankle and foot in several places. Including the foot bone and the so-called Lisfranc injury. three ligament ruptures and dislocated bones.”

Then she joked, “If you’re going to do it, you’re doing it right!”

Since then, Rayner has shown her progress to her followers as she bounces back. Which is what she said she had done before.

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