Highlights and results: Otar Eranosyan stops Roger Gutierrez after ringside overall collapse by Florida Boxing Commission

ProBox TV heated tonight as Otar Eranosyan won the WBA referee over Roger Gutierrez in a thrilling fight that was lacking in handling and nearly derailed by a terrible referee and board in Florida.

Whenever the fighters are separated and thrown The action was hot. Eranosyan (14-0, 7 KO) got off to a strong start. Splitting defenders with a right uppercut early in the first round, Gutierrez (27-5-1, 21 KO) briefly turned the tables in round 2 with a punch knockdown that had Otar touch the canvas with his glove, but the round That 10-8 was the only one Gutierrez won on the bad left side. Unofficial Hook Scorecard

Gutierrez was reasonably good at distance. But it proved to be flawed in maintenance. Most were content to ride the rope and bind Eranosyan’s arm whenever he could. Eranosyan pushed relentlessly, leaving Gutierrez visibly uncomfortable. It seemed that he had given up less than halfway through the battle that night.

However, such actions are not constant. Because referee Christopher Young was unable to control the constantly happy Gutierrez and the occasional happy Eranosyan foul. who landed more than one punch during the break The referee will also slap his arm instead of inserting himself in the rare moments when he separates the fighters. This led to at least one unpunished foul from the Eranosians. Referee Young had yet to warn or deduct points for Gutierrez’s superiority and holding continued until the 8th round.

The 8th lap break allowed Gutierrez to finally break his arm lock. This led to a series of chaotic acts that left Gutierrez in trouble. He got up at the last moment. Survive the last few minutes of the round. Then everything went to hell on the edge of the stage.

The comments said Gutierrez’s corner seemed to have lost time. and clad in an apron with a towel in hand to stop the fight until they heard the final bell for Round 8. That did not appear in the video replay. But what was especially clear was the Florida Boxing Commission’s side of the ring (unnamed in the broadcast). But it appears to be the assistant executive director of the Florida Boxing Commission and Timothy Shipman, a Tampa area resident) waved his hand to stop the fight.

the fight is over Young and Shipman (?) then had a long and unproductive conversation about the situation in Gutierrez Young’s corner, which deserved much criticism for his loose and lazy handling of the action. It also deserves praise for repeatedly asking the board for clarification on whether the fight can continue. and pointed out that the debate left Gutierrez destabilized and bloody. A very special time for recovery.

After the protracted conversation, the standard one-minute break between rounds passed. The battle still did not stop. A field medic was taken instead to examine Gutierrez. That process continues. Doctors repeatedly tried to have Gutierrez stand in front of her to be assessed. Struggling to get an answer from Gutierrez’s corner on whether their fighter could see correctly. And finally ended the joke by announcing that Gutierrez could not continue. Nearly two full minutes after Round 9 should have started.

Eranosyan looks tenacious, if at times messy. and one step closer to the perfect shot Gutierrez looks bad Did anything other than a slight flash knockdown in round 2 other than arm grab fights? And the Florida officials look like real clowns. Letting the fight slip away from them for seven and a half rounds, then it becomes a complete mockery as they are unable to make up their mind and stick to deciding whether the fight should end or not.

not a good night for Florida, but sporadic entertainment in Florida. Here’s the fight video. Let’s start with a knockdown round 8.

Petros Ananyan KO-7 Christian Baez

Cristian Baez looked carefully to take control of Co-Qualifications and go for a decisive victory until Petros Ananyan cut him off with a devastating left hook midway through Round 7. Ananyan (18-3-2, 9 KO) looked as flat as ever. There was a precedent for most of this bout, while Baez (19-3, 17 KO) was pretty sloppy with his feet and movement. but powerful in strength

Ananyan watched the slow rhythm react and counterattack. But still persist and never stop trying to change things. He also switched positions in the 4th round, but immediately switched back after receiving a heavy shot from Baez.

Going into Round 7, Bad Left Hook gave Baez an unofficial 6-1 win, and television reviews gave Baez every round, but Ananyan’s tenacity paid off when he punched the left hook to turn the fight mid-round. 7th and last in the final round, Baez was eventually knocked down and unable to beat the 10 count.

The bravery of Ananyan, who won a second in a row since losing to Subriel Matias in 2022, was no separate highlight. But here’s the embedded link to the knockout:

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