Harden: ‘Morey is a liar and I’ll never be part of the organization he’s part of’

over the past weekend The news came out that Philadelphia 76ers halt trade talks with James HardenFranchise and president Daryl Morey is expected to bring the former MVP to training camp.

On tour for Adidas in Shanghai, China, Harden humbled back at the thought of his return to the 76ers — and there was no doubting that he stood.

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It’s a Harden Slamming masterclass. Morey while in China Which will play very well (remember Morey’s tweet about Hong Kong protesters)..

This caused a potential showdown at the start of 76ers training camp – Harden would take a stand and not show up or show up and harass until he got there. A smart bet is that the deadlock is due to the CBA forcing Harden’s hand – if he goes longer than 30 days in the final year of his contract (which is), he will be seen as not fulfilling his contract and lost the right to sign a contract with another free agent team next summer

The Clippers — Harden’s favorite trading destination — will sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch this play.

Los Angeles will not increase its current minimum trade offer for Harden after Morey has MVP Joel Embiid at his top and a competing title. He’s asking for a lot of money back in exchange, wanting the 76ers to stay at that level. The Clippers’ offer — reportedly a salary match for the veterans and a few options — is nowhere near as good. There was no other serious suitor for Harden and forced him out of the third team in four years (Houston, Brooklyn, now Philadelphia). No other GM lined up for a bidding war. They’ve seen the movie.

As always, this argument is about money. In the summer of 2022, Harden took a $14.4 million pay cut, canceling his $47.4 million contract with the 76ers to make room for Morey to sign with PJ. Tucker and Danuel House then Harden re-signed for $33 million or The “remnant” of the space the 76ers had was under the helmet. all leads A messy investigation by the league that cost the 76ers two second rounds.Harden believes he has an understanding with Morey and will be rewarded for his sacrifice this summer. Morey doesn’t see it that way. After another second-round exit from the playoffs and Harden’s game showing signs of slipping. Not to mention the league’s messy investigations that are on top of the situation. Morey has not delivered Harden the highest or near the highest contract this summer.

Harden felt betrayed. Both parties have reportedly agreed that Harden will take $35.6 million for the season and that Philly will look to trade. Philly will say the trade isn’t there, Harden still wants out. Harden loses power by grabbing that cash. (Which is not available on the free agent market. especially if he tries to approach opponents). Harden also loses leverage when he Reported flirtation with a return to Houston. — what was seen around the league last season — fell apart immediately after the Rockets hired Ime Udoka as their coach.

The war of words between the 76ers and Harden set off fireworks.

However, that might not compare to Oct. 2, when the training camp opened.

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