Francis Ngannou Says Money He’ll Get From Boxing Tyson Fury Is ‘Day And Night’ From UFC Contract

Francis Ngannou is about to get paid.

Earlier this year, Ngannou signed a lucrative partnership with the PFL, with plans to launch in 2024 following his professional boxing debut. last week The boxing debut has finally been announced: Ngannou faces straight-line heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on Oct. 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. While there are still some details that need to be fixed. But one thing is certain: Ngannou is going to make more money in one fight than he has made his entire UFC career.

“What I will tell you is that Compared to what I do for my UFC fights, it’s day and night,” Ngannou said Monday. MMA hours. it changes lives And it would be the same if I fought in the PFL first, what I did, what I did last time. [UFC] Fighting doesn’t even count Not near, not far.”

“Yes, absolutely,” Ngannou added when asked if the purse was more than his entire UFC career combined. “One hundred percent yes. I haven’t made a ton of money throughout my UFC career. But yes, if we count it for sure.”

Ngannou officially left the UFC earlier this year after battling his contract in 2022. The UFC is trying to keep the heavyweight title, with Ngannou saying they are offering him “about $8 million.” To face Jon Jones at UFC 285, but which he passed because the contract was too restrictive, Ngannou stressed that he would do more to face Fury, but added that the UFC offer was not what it seemed.

“I’ve heard many times people say, ‘Oh, they offered him $8 million for a fight. He offers this and that’ which is not certain. [they offered]said Ngan Nu. “There was a trick there and it was bad. It was just for me to put pen to paper. There is only one big number. And the back of the paper is blank, pretty cool, it’s not like I’m sure you’d pay 3 million dollars times 3 for three punches. That’s not what it used to be. it’s not like that It’s the same strategy. To bring up the numbers and want to impress you to sign that contract.”

for talking about money Hong Nuo still refuses to reveal the exact financial information behind his boxing but Circulating reports estimate Ngannou’s payday will be in the eight figures.Ngannou himself did not confirm the figure. and whether or not he earns pay-per-view points. He only stated that he would not leave Saudi Arabia “empty”.

But Ngannou was happy to confirm another key piece of information about the fight: the existence of a match clause.

“There are potential odds,” Ngannou said. “I don’t know how to describe that language, but yes, there is competition inside.

“[If I win]Of course,” Na Nuo clarified.[If Fury wins], I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. That’s why I have to win this fight. I had to give everything to win that match.”

No matter what the finances are in the end. The fight was a clear win for Ngannou, who got everything he wanted when he first began negotiations with his free agency. And it did, despite the backlash and the huge amount of skepticism.

And for a lineweight MMA champion, that feels just as good. with knowing that he was going to have money with him for the rest of his life

“It was the story of my life,” Ngan Nu said. “Everything I did, no one believed me until I was done. This was the case. [here] And I feel good about it. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m done.’ ‘How much can you do? You make a lot of money’, which is true, but my feelings are not about what I’m going to do.

“It’s as if ‘I’m doing this again’ My ability to get things done. Hold on and get results in the end. it’s more than that That was the most exciting thing. i feel relieved i feel happy That was a terrible feeling.”

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