Former Wimbledon winner not scoring American men’s chances at US Open

Taylor Fritz during the match

The former Wimbledon winner gave the American men chasing US Open titles little chance of ending their Grand Slam run.

Since 2003, no American man has won a Grand Slam title, with Andy Roddick the last man to lift the trophy.

With two players in the top ten, it looks like US Men’s Tennis is the strongest for a while.

However, Frederik Lochte Nielsen would be surprised if the American man walked away with this position.

Nielsen felt that Taylor Fritz is strong. But struggling to beat the top five players in the world.

“I rarely look at Taylor. Fritz is too optimistic when facing top five players,” Nielsen told SpilXperten.

“Of course, he could defeat them one day. And he should go a long way in this tournament. Because he’s comfortable on America’s hard courts.”

“But it would really surprise me if he won. I don’t have high expectations of him as a player. Although he has a lot of qualities and is doing well.

“I feel he needs to increase his game more before he can compete for a Grand Slam title.”

Nielsen believes current American No. 2 Frances Tiafoe is in a better position to make a splash at the Slam.

“I don’t think Taylor Fritz is always better than Frances Tiafoe, I believe Tiafoe has more to offer,” added Nielsen.

“Taylor Fritz is a good player with a strong top game. But it’s in one gear. And not much has changed.”

While Nielsen believes Tiafoe can make an impact at Flushing Meadows, he still isn’t convinced he’ll go all the way and win the US Open.

In his opinion, Tiafoe was not consistent enough to take down the best players in the world in multiple rounds.

“I think he keeps improving. Throughout my career so far,” Nielsen continued.

“I still think he has lacked consistency in seven games in a row, especially in a best-of-five set.”

“His top game is undoubtedly good. But his basic level might fluctuate a bit.

“But someone like him, who is constantly evolving. Doing well in the house and gaining power from the audience Therefore, we should not underestimate Frances Tiafeau.

“In modern tennis Virtually everyone can compete with anyone. It was no longer a surprise when top players were eliminated in the first round. as it was in the past.”

“It takes a lot of concentration from all the players nowadays.”

“however until I see more of him I believe there are others. ahead of him in the race for this title.”

Among other American players, Nielsen believes Christopher Eubanks is the standout player.

“I believe that Chris Eubanks has been able to produce his great performances,” he said.

“If there is pressure I don’t think it will be a big challenge for him, in fact I think he will be successful with it.”

“His main challenge is that he is a player who relies on being in the zone. He has great ambitions. And he’s not the type to crush the competition. He won everything with his own racket.

“Maybe he’s not as consistent as the best players. So his challenge would be to avoid getting in and winning matches 6-3, 6-2 and 6-3 so he can conserve energy for later matches.”

Despite being excited about Eubank’s prospects, Nielsen isn’t encouraging him to reach the last eight at another Grand Slam after his Wimbledon hero.

“however when he did his best when the serve is shooting and he has inspiration He is uncomfortable for every opponent,” added Nielsen.

“If he has momentum There was no reason why he couldn’t do a good job. But I would be surprised if he made it to the quarterfinals again.”

“He wasn’t in my top eight right away. But who knows? The draw might open up positively for him.”

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