Filip Hrgovic sets up a final knockout against Demsey McKean.

Filip Hrgovic made the final stoppage after a tough performance against south-handed Demsey McKean.

The matchroom show from the O2 Arena in London was broadcast live on DAZN worldwide. The duo entered the ring undefeated, and Hrgovic (15-0, 12 KOs) put his IBF force on the line.

Last time, he fought a southern boxer in the shape of Zhilei Zhang, a fight that many people felt he had lost. And it was a punch in the face of an untested and unknown opponent in McKean (22-0, 14 KOs). This was the first time the Aussie had been scheduled to turn 12.

McKean-trained Tony Sims came out with his jab from the first bell. by looking for distance with his long reach Neither were keen on overdoing it in this early stage, with Hrgovic wanting to land on the body when he did.

The forefoot struggle threatened to mess up the match, but this time Hrgovic dealt with his lefty stance better. He landed with more success in the second, including a right-left note that undoubtedly caught the referee’s eye.

McKean started game three in good physical form, Ronnie Shields in his corner urging him to continue fighting when McKean held on, and he did. Make it more scratchy.

McKean looked close to trouble before the bell. Obviously tired and too attached to a guy like ‘El Animal’.

Southern Paw was in danger of fighting by running away from him in the fourth round. and need to change the narrative But Hrgovic’s accuracy tends to be higher.

The two were slightly slower in the fifth round, putting McKean ahead and defeating the Croatian foe in the first 90 seconds. Hrgovic counterattacked with a massive right hand in the final 30.

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