‘Fighting Boots is a lose-lose situation’: Terence Crawford looks for the biggest fight he can take

while Terence Crawford continued to win after a dominant performance over Errol Spence, he traveled back to The Breakfast Club in New York to have Charla Monk do his word. him after predicting that Spence would win.

while Crawford was on the list. He contemplated the battle and talked about what he had to do in the future. Check out an excerpt of what he said below.

Crawford spoke about his thoughts on a potential rivalry with Spence.

“I don’t think he should retire. I think he should find some time to rest. make your mind normal Then go back to the gym and come back to focus. because you know I have never lost in the professional rankings. But I know how it affects your mind. to be at this high level and lost the way you lost

“You start questioning yourself. You start asking yourself some questions: ‘Do I still understand? Am I old? Am I slipping?’ You start asking yourself different types of questions. All you need to answer So I’m going to tell him, you know, you’re a great fighter, take a break and do it again.”

If he thinks the referee stops properly

“Of course, but I think his corner kick will qualify for the seventh round. I feel as if they believe in Errol, but at the same time they should save the fighter from himself. Because as a fighter We will continue to fight until there are no more fights left. But at the point where they saw it was impossible for him to win. Now they are risking something lucky, knockout and amazing to happen. And that can cause serious damage and injury that they can’t take back.”

Who will he fight next?

“I don’t know. I’m just sitting around exploring my options.”

In a fight with Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

“Listen, right now in my career a lot of people are like, ‘This boot, that boot’ Fighting Boots is a lose-lose situation, I won, they say, ‘Ah well, he’s young, he’s not ready, he’s talented, he’s good. But you have more experience than him. You have more than this kid who has never been tested before.’

“I fought boots and was like, ‘Okay, well, you beat boots’. It wasn’t a big fight… I was looking for a big challenge, you know? Charlo Because that’s what history is in the making. Lots of bets Fighting Boots is nothing at stake. I am at the end of my career. I’m trying to make things make sense.

“Right now I am on my career path. I fought my best to get where I belong. And I deserve to do whatever I want to do. And I don’t care what anyone says who will feel or anything.”

when people compare him to Mayweather

“I respect…I always say ‘Terence Crawford to whoever’…I respect Floyd. He is the fighter I have watched throughout his career. since i was young And he paved the way for many of us to become fighters. So I have to pay homage to OG all the time. It’s great that my name is now mentioned amongst the greats at welterweight.”

Who does he think wins in Canelo vs Charlo?

“I got Canelo. I think it will be a good fight. I think a lot of people sleep on Charlo, but he’s great. He’s big. He’s bigger than Canelo. Even if Canelo weighs more, I think Canelo will be stronger than him. I think Canelo will be stronger than him. but at the same time I think Charlo has the boxing skills that will make it a competitive fight. Use his jab, straight punch, and don’t get caught up in tricks and stuff. I think there will be competition.”

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