Exclusive: Caicedo inspired to write his own Chelsea story

In his first interview since signing for Chelsea, Moises Caicedo reflects on a dream come true transfer. talks about his ambitions at the club and explains why his humble beginnings made him who he was…

Moises Caicedo’s partnership with Chelsea started as a teenager. In his hometown of Santo Domingo, in the foothills of the Andes in northern Ecuador, Caicedo first set eyes on Claude Makelele.

Caicedo is a highly promising central midfielder. Watch a video compilation of Makelele online, learn how to play in his position. and his ability on the ball. It didn’t take long for another of his heroes, N’Golo Kante, to join the Blues. When a friend asked Caicedo what he wanted for his 18th birthday, his answer was a Kante shirt, one with his name on it and Kante arrived right.

His own Chelsea shirt will soon follow. It’s no surprise that Caicedo saw the light just as Willian did 10 years ago this month.

‘Makelele and Kante inspired me,’ the 21-year-old told us on his first day at Cobham.

‘They are very humble on the pitch. I think I can say we have similar attributes but better, but now I will give everything for this club. Because they have done a lot for me.

‘As a kid I supported Chelsea and watched the games. Now it’s wonderful to be here. It is one of the biggest clubs in the world. I can’t wait to get started with them. Give your best and write your own story.’

Like all Chelsea supporters. Caicedo was interested to see how the new-look team under new management played out in yesterday’s Premier League opener.

‘I watched the game at the hotel. and support the players from there,’ he said.

‘The team is great, I enjoyed it a lot. Chelsea’s new signing is doing very well. I want to be on the field with them! I like the style of playing football. It’s good for me I’m sure I’ll adapt very quickly.

‘I do not hope that I’m sure we will win a lot of trophies with this amazing club. To put Chelsea in the right place.’

Caicedo confirmed he had a fun conversation with Mauricio Pochettino in Spanish. And he looks forward to working with his new head coach and team-mates at Cobham tomorrow.

At our training ground today, it’s all about Caicedo, enjoying a new environment and making childhood dreams come true. He is accompanied by his mother – you can see the reconstructed picture now! – and his girlfriend

Caicedo was the youngest of 10 siblings. He may only be 21 years old, but he was clearly an intelligent man. When we asked about his priorities off the field And the importance of moving to Chelsea in his beloved homeland, Caicedo speaks with admirable maturity and pride.

‘My family is the most important thing,’ he admitted.

‘They are everything to me. It was amazing to share this moment with my mom and boyfriend. I’m more than happy to be here with them.

‘They were by my side during bad times. And that’s why in good times so i want to be with them They always support me every step of the way. It’s wonderful for me. They are always on my mind. Even in training and every game I am a humble person who always wants the best for my family.

‘I also know that in Ecuador there are a lot of kids behind me,’ Caicedo added.

‘I have to set an example for them. I want to represent my country in the best way possible. The people there support me. They wear my shirt They also inspire me to keep working hard.’

Between his childhood love for Chelsea and two of our greatest midfielders. Desire to make his family proud And acknowledging his status in Ecuador, Caicedo is clearly hungry for success at Stamford Bridge. There are exciting years of watching the journey of one of sport’s most remarkable talents lie ahead. It promises to be a special journey.

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