‘Errol is consistent, he needs a match’: Stephen Espinoza talks potential Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence 2

Showtime Sports executive Stephen Espinoza took the time to talk to Fight Hub TV’s Marcos Villegas about an update on plans for the rematch between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence. punch And now it’s a matter of keeping all the details on both sides. Check out what Espionza had to say below.

Espinoza on Errol Spence’s status and potential rivalry with Terence Crawford

“Errol is consistent. like he wants a rematch He spoke right after the fight. he didn’t change There are many conversations that happen internally with his team. something that I am privy to Something I’m not But I don’t want to reveal it all.

“But the real question is, ‘What’s best for his health? What’s the best for his future? Weight question is 147 years 54, is it suitable for him? Was there an eye effect or a car accident – these are fair questions. He’s been through a lot. So I think, look, all of that still needs to be considered. But one thing is certain. Spence wants a rematch.

“The question is, as a team. Did all of his advisors agree that was the best way?”

In terms of rematch terms with Crawford and if an immediate rematch is required or Spence can fight well in between.

“It was an instant match. It must (continue), but there are always negotiations. And the truth is it was a big fight. It was the biggest fight for one of them right now. I’m not sure what that is – haven’t clearly spoken to Crawford about it yet. But if he had to wait for the fight and get a big rematch. I don’t see why that would be such a big problem.”

where Jaron Ennis stands in the picture of a potential fight with Crawford.

“It depends on Crawford. He talks a lot about Germel. It looks like he might be waiting for Jurmell to get past Canelo. Let’s see what happens, but look, anything is possible. There were good fights for him in ’47, there were good fights in ’54, and I don’t think anyone really spent that much time — outside of his inner team talking to him — because it all depends on what. What happened to the competition and whether (Crawford) had the flexibility to do something else?

“Obviously Boots loved the fight Crawford was doing. But he doesn’t like to see any type of fight, so I know he’ll rely on IBF to try and enforce it. But I think Boots’ No. 1 priority is winning titles.”

Something that would be a challenge to sell to the wider public in the Crawford vs Spence match due to the one-sided nature of the first.

“Anyone who has followed Spence’s career will see that as an astonishing achievement. i mean I’m not surprised Crawford won. It’s a 50/50 battle, anyone can win. But I think most people are surprised by the nature of it being one sided.

“So I thought what would be interesting was a night out. Is Crawford really that good? Is weight a factor? I think there are many questions and none of them can take anything away from Crawford. Because he did great that night. The question is, if it was the night Spence stopped, you know, the match looked different.”

When might a Crawford vs Charlo fight happen if it does?

“Theoretically It may have happened after the battle of Canelo. So you get through the Canelo fight, probably in the first quarter or the second quarter next year.”

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