Emma Raducanu aims for fun as the desolate fields become excess baggage.

It was only this summer that Emma Raducanu admitted that sometimes She hoped she never won the US Open, it was totally acceptable. A refreshing honesty that sounds more like a scar than a success. The England star came from left field to compete for the crown at Flushing Meadows as an 18-year-old, winning ten straight matches without losing a set. It was an incredible series of plays that left the opponent baffled.

The payoff isn’t even half the fun.

Great anonymity, hitting power and confidence have never been seen since that unlikely victory. If the perfect storm a few years ago felt like a modern fairy tale? The follow-up was nothing more than an extended descent into the brutality of modern competitive sport. She is now ranked 133, having recently undergone both wrist and ankle surgery to miss the French Open and Wimbledon. New York will come too soon as the 2021 winners are still recovering.

Billie-Jean King is a huge fan of the British star and has clearly expressed her feelings for resisting the negativity trickling from some moments over the past 24 months. “If you want to be a professional athlete, it’s tough and you have to learn not to listen to criticism. You must learn all these things. And that’s why I say don’t take it personally. Because when you learn You’re all right,” King said.

The first harsh criticism came from a sports coach in another circle. even if it wasn’t intentional “You see her on the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar or whatever. Wearing Christian Dior clothes, her surroundings are a distraction,” England rugby coach Eddie Jones said. (now fired) said at the time Jones received comments from many parts of the media, but it raised some serious questions that have yet to settle. in his defense The Australian claimed he had written to Raducanu to clarify broader issues about young people dealing with distraction.

Last year, her agent confirmed that she had left. “Millions on the Table” in Sponsorship Agreement Because Raducanu’s body and mind reject the pressure that comes with the job. The out-of-court trade leaders were blamed for everything. Minor injuries have become commonplace and coaching relationships are permanent for workers in the gig economy. That was the latest stick to beat England’s first women’s singles champion since Virginia Wade Andy Murray’s soft start.

Radukanu works with 5 coaches after going through the biggest breakthrough. Another easy mode of attack is to accuse parents of micro-management within a sport that is notorious for unhealthy father-daughter relationships. The truth is not as dramatic or as clear. It’s easy to rush a woman who just left her teens doing nothing after winning a big prize. Clickbait continues until a significant event occurs on the playing surface.

The 20-year-old hasn’t kicked a ball since April. In the last 5 competitive tournaments she has played. She can only win one match in a row. Travel life is almost as painful as it is. with her physical problems Whether or not her narrative will change from whether a second slam is in the cards or whether she’s a contender or not.

It doesn’t matter what outside voices say. Last week’s visit to the training ground was a welcome step in the right direction, however, a GoogleGOOG search currently shows all of her non-play activities. Since the TV commercial with Lewis Hamilton and Idris Elba, to helping a fragile couple get off the bus. Something about a potential boyfriend? Sigh.

Brand Raducanu is a real person who already has a backlog. that is not interesting now The second album proved difficult. But time was definitely on her side. When Ons Jabeur was hurt by her performance anxiety, Raducanu knew she had earned her major’s blue mark. The trick now is to relaunch it as if it was stored in a vault in the previous incarnation.

She doesn’t have to be free from her history. That was part of her journey. What matters now is how Raducanu is able to retrieve his soul. A potentially caring attitude from the devil. so that the results come back to take care of themselves as her social media posts hinted at her return from surgery. This is the fun part.

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